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Found 3 results

  1. Several times I've seen enemy turns where an enemy's movement prompts reaction 'false fire' from my characters that have already used their reaction time. This 'false fire' includes the animation and sound of the character shooting burst shots, but no shot animations are done and no damage or shot results (miss, resist, etc) are shown. These reaction events continue to prompt repeatedly until I force the game closed, resulting in an infinite pause in the enemy's turn.
  2. I have been playing quick combat terror mission and tried to kill a caesan with two rockets. Missed both, but one missile started a fire on a square right next to him. I ended my turn and then the game focused on the alien. He shot and killed a civilian and proceeded to move right into the fire next to him. He screamed, died and that was it. Smoke and fire animations were still running, music and sounds playing, but no progress in enemy turn happened. Game was unresponsive to all keys and mouse clicking. I waited a few minutes, but nothing changed, so I had to kill the game through the task manager.
  3. One thing that kinda bugs me is that I can't see if someone is shooting at my troops, while out of my line of sight. So whenever I hear plasma fire I just glare at the Hidden Movement screen and pray that it's not directed at me. With the projectiles nicely visible and slow, could it be possible to show us when they are whooshing around our soldiers? It makes sense that your soldiers would see the projectile coming (or going away, if someone tried to shot them from behind), but not it's point of origin.
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