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Found 1 result

  1. So, we have destructibility in the game for almost all of the terrain tiles. I don't think it is anywhere near utilised enough in its current state as it, though. If anyone has any neat ideas about types of destructible props or how we can use them to increase the tactical options in the game, here is the place to brainstorm. Importantly, the game is able to set different stats for different states of tiles, so the undamaged and damaged variant of a tile can have different properties. This opens the door to a lot of possibilities: 1) Explosive Tiles: These are already in the game, but we haven't made enough use of them really. I think they should have two main uses; firstly for the humans and aliens to use to try and kill one another with, but secondly for terrain destruction. For example, a bunch of gas cylinders next to a long wall would breach the wall if shot at, saving a soldier walking all the way around it. 2) Selective Destructibility: This springs to mind because we're making some hedgerows for the Farm map. They come in two variants, full height earth banks with hedges on top that block all LOS and half-height earth banks that are essentially (very sturdy) cover walls. When sufficiently damaged, the full-height walls just become half-height earth banks themselves, but they're pretty tough. However, selective destructibility could be used to make say incendiary damage destroy them instantly, so an incendiary rocket could clear a tough hedgerow immediately and turn it all into convenient waist-high cover, allowing you to ambush any units on the other side etc. This mostly works with fire damage, but I think the idea has legs. 3) Crushable Grass: Aaron suggested this, and I quite like it. It's tall grass (maybe knee height), but once a unit enters the tile, the grass is destroyed. This just leaves visible trails in the fields on Farmland maps, allowing you to track enemy movement (or is it a civilian or a farmer? YOU DON'T KNOW! TERRIFYING!) Does anyone else have suggestions on how we can think up new uses for destructibility or how we can incorporate it into maps (bearing in mind the limitations of a tile system and our engine)?
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