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  1. I have written up the entire concept once more... with a lot more structure and without all the half-baked ideas that lead to this version. All numbers were made up on the spot and only serve to demonstrate the intent. Too many unknowns to scale anything just yet. Of course others are invited to add summaries of their systems. (maybe use a different colour for the "headline"?) Please don't start a discussion about bits and pieces of either. I simplified several obscure mechanics from the discussion thread. More transparent and predictable now, which should make it easy for the player to balance his troopers' advancement vs the specialist abilities they acquire. Give everyone 10 special training courses and they will advance their stats more slowly - but have all the special perks. Yet, the player can build his army of universal soldiers if he so desires... Even training strategies become a possibility! "Hang on" with less educated grunts who increase their skills faster... or train them right away and get slower advancement long term. How cool is that? That is gameplay the players can and will argue about. Real choices! =) It makes replaying the game a real possibility because you could play with a different strategy. Recruiting soldiers and other personnel is in many ways related because it also takes a look at the starting stats of soldier and the potential change to the importance of training. The "Alternate Training Concept" is a far more "condensed" concept which is more suited to a strategic approach to training without micromanaging individual soldiers on a regular base.
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