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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm playing version V19 Stable hotfix marked 02/09/2013. I've been playing through this game the last day or two and I'm at the point of having just about to get strike cruisers spawning. I've already done carriers. Where does the research tree end, I'm suppose to capture a leader at this point (don't think I've seen one yet) but aside from that I've finished the research tree and not sure what's next, if anything. I've got Marauders and Valkyrie, Sentinel/Predator armor and plasma weapons. I know on the wiki there is more after that but I've not had it unlock yet. I've also not seen the last race of aliens spawn yet. Am I missing something out or is that it for the moment? Thanks
  2. Hi all. I'm just here to express my appreciation for the fact that Goldhawk Interactive is not showing too much of things like alien monsters or monster tactics in their advertisement for the game, something Fireaxis have already done in their campaign for their XCOM game. That fact alone decided it for me when I thought about what game I would choose! Regards, Erik.
  3. I purchased Xenonauts over a year ago now on Desura, and enjoyed it quite a bit, even though it was very limited in terms of content. I started playing it again yesterday and today, and it seems to be very similar to the game I played a year ago in terms of content..surely more has been done in a full year of development (plus a kickstarter?) is there supposed to be the same basic map for every campaign mission? or did Desura mess up the version? because I remember there was only one map way back when I played it last year. note: I've played roughly 12 missions now, on 2 different continents and the map is the same one every time.
  4. Hey all, just purchased the alpha. I'm a big fan of x-com so this was a no brainer purchase for me. Just curious if victory conditions are in the game yet? Taking out the alien bases, going to mars etc. Thanks in advance,
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