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Found 2 results

  1. When I have bought a game, I play it to completion. I may play several games at once, swapping between them when my rage meter builds too high for a particular game, but I will play the games I have to completion. Even if they suck. The only time I won't play a game to completion is if the game actively tries to block me from doing so, whether sucky level design, a sucky engine or an incomprehensible UI. But I was looking at some stats recently, and I learn that in general, people don't complete the games they buy not because the game sucks, but because their enthusiasm for the game dies long before the game is done. It seems that devs could have just done 2/3rd of many of the games they write and many people wouldn't know any better. So, I'd like to ask, do you complete computer games? I feel a somewhat completist need to do the games I buy, and they can feel an awful slog near the end. When I finished Tiny and Big, the tears of joy flowing from my eyes were that of someone who could finally uninstall the f****** thing at long f****** last.
  2. Having a few specialised workshop bases, would it be possible for a Research or Manufacturing Completed go to the specific base of the research or manufacturing that's actually been done. At present, it goes to the first base.
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