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Found 2 results

  1. First I will start off by saying so far the game is looking great! I think this game will still do well despite Firaxis's Xcom Enemy Unknown being released Oct 9th, due to the access to beta. Also, the preservation of the basics of combat and action points remains so the game play is familiar and already well loved. The "modernization" of the new Xcom by Firaxis is yet to be seen if it will be considered a true xcom game by fans. I'm holding my fingers crossed that you guys do well on this game and decide for the first major upgrade/expansion/sequel of the game will include multi-player in much the fashion of xcom tts. I know its been said that multiplayer is not in the scope of the current game and that the general feel is that it will add nothing to the game, but I feel that it is one of the things that will keep the game alive and kicking in the long run along with the obvious of good game play and modding capabilities. Obviously I don't speak for everyone but I do believe that many will agree with me. Multiplayer in this fashion even is not balanced for "fairness" is still a load of fun for the alien player even when its a generally speaking loosing battle. Now to get actually on topic. One of the things things that has bugged me about the game currently is the combat experience flavor text on the recruits. The game takes place in 1979 and soldiers with different nationalities can have combat experience in Afghanistan. The ONLY soldiers that should have Afghanistan combat experience are Soviet Soldiers from the Soviet invasion of Dec. 1979. In the current game world technically no one at the start would have combat experience in Afghanistan. As a flavor note with the Red Bear having to deal with all the UFOs the invasion may not even happen. I would start to compile a list of possible combat experiences with date ranges for soldiers of different nationalities in this thread if it is something of interest. **Edit: Sorry I just realized I posted this in the Goldhawk general forum instead of the Xenonauts.
  2. I wonder if we could have minimum age experiences by having a field in the experience tag that sets the minimum age for a soldier to have fought in that war. i.e. <experience minAge="26">Vietnam</experience> I'm guessing a soldier's age is generated before his regiment etc. when he is constructed so when it comes to selecting previous combat experience, the program checks if age > experience.minAge and if it is, the soldier can get that experience otherwise it discards that experience from the list of possibles.
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