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Found 1 result

  1. First off I'd like to start this post by saying a lot of my suggestions or request i don't expect to be in the initial launch of this game. These are more of cosmetic features/suggestions that could add more depth to the game in minuet ways. Also if weather has already been discussed, my apology. If you ask any soldier anywhere across the world he will tell you that weather and terrain dictate tempo of a battlefield. It dictates on how you can attack the enemy and the movement speed of your troops across the battlefield. Thus, I believe a regional/seasonal weather system would be fitting for Xenonauts. On the Global map seeing winter snow fade in and out as winter comes and passes would add a cosmetic appeal to the game. On a battle scale snow or rain could hinder troop movement and sand/snow/rain storms could lower visibility. The global game map is already separated into different regions of the world. Your half way there in my opinion, now all you have to do is add different factors to these regions of the world. Like if its between Month A to month B a sand/snow/rain storm is X likely to happen on this region of the world and Y likely to be represented on a battlefield. Obviously to represent snow/rain fall in the game would be a little difficult so i propose to just have snow fall on the ground or make the ground a little more reflective if you will to represent rainfall and maybe a 10% loss of visibility and slightly increased Ap to move while outdoors. I'm assuming one cosmetic issue that would show itself is how do you prevent this effect from taking place indoors and that in my opinion where things will be a little difficult, I don't know how the developers built the game engine and if buildings are represented differently on a map then the under layer of the ground. On to the next topic Terrain bonuses, I've seen the cover feature which i think is a great feature that's been added. I was just curious to know if there's going to be an elevation bonus. If a soldier is on the second floor or roof of a building will his visibility or accuracy be improved? Will terrain add any bonuses to the combat? If not i think this would also be another feature that would be nice to add. Again if this topic has already been posted my apologies. Like i stated before it would be more of a cosmetic addition to the game with slight feature improvements. Something similar to a NASA weather satellite, if you will [Example] Seeing weather phenomenal take place on the global map would be interesting as well. Please post your own thoughts on the topics and if you think they would add to the game play. Primarily the weather, it would be more of a visual representation of time regarding the seasonal effects on the global map.
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