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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, new to the forums, but i had i suggestion for the game. Seeing that Civilian casualties actually matter to your mission score. I think being able to contain or direct civilians to a "safe" zone while on the battlefield would be useful and add a new mechanic to the game. Maybe at the expense of AP as in zip tieing or detaining civilians just so they dont run into danger. or even have it where you "sacrafice" one of your own soldiers by having him setup a quartine or safe zone which creates that soldier into a "beacon" of types where civilians in his sight would run to him as if the soldier were calling them to safety. This request for this feature isn't at the top of my dream list if you will, but i do believe it would add a new dimension of realism. I try to picture the scene of an Alien fighting force landing in on a heli, dismounting it, setting up a parameter then bounding forward directing humans to the land site as they secure the area.
  2. Hey Guys, Maybe someone already mentioned it, but I was unable to find anything like this, so I post. Terror missions in original UFO had a common problem of stupid civilians wandering aimlessly, being shot down by everyone. No need to make them smart or anything, it's just you could add a small extra feature. It would be great if any civilian who detects a Xenonaut on an adjacent tile would receive an order to proceed to one of (random unoccupied) tiles inside a craft. After reaching the tile (and relative safety) you could, just for fun, switch the aimless roaming back again, so the player has to consider sending one of the operatives to keep track of the whole flock inside the craft. Looks like a simple trigger to add tons of atmosphere. PS Yeah, and I'd also add 0-3 random civilians on UFO crash site / UFO landing maps. PSS Sorry, this probably shall be moved to Feature Requests
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