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Found 5 results

  1. Hello guyz. First of all im frnech so sorry for the mistakes in english. I come back to you because, i have the same problems with xenonauts 2 . You can see the windows that often open on the left side of the screen with the red inscriptions (linked screenshots). It happen when i move soldiers, trow a grenade or load a save. Sometimes when i have a base in russia and i launch interceptor, they're flying in the opposite direction of the UFO. Can you help please ?
  2. I started this game in V1.07, and got to the point where I could build Valkyrie dropships. I built the Valkyrie and attempted to assault a crashed UFO. When the Ground Combat loading screen reaches 10% the game freezes and must be killed with Task Manager. I tried again with V1.08, and no difference. With V1.08HF, now the game immediately crashes to desktop when the ground combat loading screen reaches 10%. Please find the associated save file attached. Thanks. Geoscape.sav Geoscape.sav
  3. In late game(never noticed this issue until 1980+) occasionally Harridan units will fly off screen in ground combat which causes a crash to desktop. Have noticed it on several maps. Sorry if this is posted elsewhere, did not notice.
  4. On the Geoscape, I had two UFOs pop up in relatively close proximity to one another and my base, and wound up sweeping them with a single sortie of my fighters. Just after these air battles, my Charlie hit the first crash site, and I did a crashed UFO mission. When I saved after finishing the first UFO mission, I noticed odd behavior. Scrolling the Geoscape in any way makes the crash site marker have a duplicate that stays on the same portion of the screen, no matter how the geoscape map moves. Clicking on this second artifact marker always brings up the crash site, like I clicked on the real one. This persists after closing the whole game and reloading. On the mission, I noticed some odd behavior - aliens that faced backwards to fire. After completing the mission, the marker artifact still persists, but clicking on the marker causes some sort of null pointer explosion, and crashes the game to desktop. This is a link to a save just after shooting down the UFO, before going into the Battlescape.
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