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Found 4 results

  1. Id really like a subpage on the Geoscape dedicated to managing your economy. Id could just be a budget to help the player get a sense of their economic situation: ................................Previous Month: Current Month: ___________________________________________________ INCOME: - Funding ............................................(predicted value) - Missions - Sales ___________________________________________________ FIXED EXPENSES: - Building Upkeep - Salaries - Aircraft - Vehicles ___________________________________________________ VARIABLE EXPENSES: - Constructions - Manufactoring ___________________________________________________ BALANCE: FUNDS:
  2. Ok. Here's my problem: Random events take away cash I earn a month in advance from shooting down ufos leaving me with very little extra profit. Terror missions appear where I can't reach them so I'm ...d. Even though I am now much better at air combat and nearly always win, a couple of times with no damage to my planes I still lose the odd plane because fighter pilots are stupid and especially because they just fire missiles and won't release them one by one or on my command - yes, I've read the wiki. The aliens are very good at sending fighters in currently against my forces which they know I can't fight i.e. MIG either in support of the scouts i.e. running interference or just to tie up my F17s./dropship Often the scouts end up over water so while I shoot them down because leaving them alone is bad, I only do so reluctantly because the bloody planes don't have enough fuel. If you cancel a combat due to lack of fuel, you end up in a loop of running from the fighters/ufos, if you stay and fight you just lose the planes. You simply can't afford to lose anything because money's so tight. Staff costs are horrendous, base rents are horrendous and I assume there is a condition that means you can't just run in the red for a short while. You can't manufacture for cash and ... you've guessed it, the costs are horrendous and the benefits...well, I can't afford to find out if there are any. So...apart from going backwards, how do people make the cash to stay afloat and perhaps build other bases? I got 2 because I knew that would give me an extra level of control and I do need 3 at least just to be able to try to respond to terror alerts, because the idea of someone dropping a nuke on New York (for 6 aliens?!) makes me think that perhaps...surprise, surprise, I'll end up with no money - again. After a while it gets very boring and irritating and it's not as though I'm even trying the hard levels, I'm trying the easiest one so I can get a lot of exposure to events to see how they stand up (invisible NPCs appearing, etc) but it's now got to the stage where I look at the geoscape and enjoy the music (which is good, incidentally). So, back to the title. How do I make cash so I can do something?
  3. Caveat: I realize we're in alpha, and this is a balance issue, so I don't expect things to be perfect, yet. That said, I just want to see what your thoughts are on the subject. So. Taking some other players' advice from another thread, I started a new game (prev build...10.2?) and immediately started creating my 2nd base right off the bat. It worked great! By the end of the first month I have two operational bases. Only one Chinook team, but 2 F17s and 1 MiG in one base, and an F17 and a MiG in the other. Not too shabby! I have Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East pretty well covered in the east, and much of North America and South America protected, as well. So! Fancy shmancy, at the end of the first month, I get a slight budget increase! Lots of happy countries! (Oddly, North America went down, but several countries in Asia boosted their contributions.) So things keep going pretty smoothly. I get a Chinook team in my 2nd base, build a couple of more hangars, and I'm pretty comfortable. Through personnel hiring and construction I burn through my non-maintenance budget pretty quickly, but so far I've managed to keep a small buffer in case of emergencies. (I did just lose a couple of jets, so we'll see if I manage to find a way to replace them.) However, now I've researched everything through Heavy Laser weapons, and have managed to work up a few alien grenades and a couple of sets of wolf armor. I can't really afford to do much more. On my next play-through I think I'll cut back on hiring scientists, since clearly my research outstripping my ability to pay to build equipment is a sign that I'm getting ahead of myself. Obviously the budget itself is designed to be a sort of soft guideline as to how much stuff the player should be trying to accomplish. But it's tricky, because if you don't spend a lot of money fast to build a new base, you find yourself in a downward spiral that it's hard to get out of; and the game is so effective of generating a stressful environment that the player always feels the need to be pushing forward and getting new stuff to try and combat the escalating alien threat. I guess my biggest worry is that any kind of relatively minor setback (losing a chinook full of troops; losing half of your jets, being unable to respond to a significant portion of UFO sightings due to a lack of resources) may just force the player into an endless series of re-loads of previous saves. As the game has an iron-man mode, that's clearly not how the game is intended to be played. We're supposed to cut our losses and keep trucking. So far I've been able to do that in this play-through, but if I lost even a one more jet than I currently have, I think I'd have to just re-load and try again. Should the player have access to more money? I see pros and cons there. Should the player's ability to rush into research be limited? I could see this working. (For instance, don't let the player have more than X scientists initially, therefore the fastest the player could get to certain technologies would by Y-time, and by Y-time player should have enough of a budget surplus that he'll be able to afford to build equipment without breaking his bank.) See what I mean? I don't know the best way to go about this. I do expect that veterans have simply played the game enough to know what works and what doesn't. Maybe limiting the option to shoot yourself in the foot as much might ease entry into the game for newer players?
  4. For everything I shoot down and capture, there's another waiting in the wings so my nett cash gain is negative. Then things get even harder (ugh). Apart from playing on easy level (I'm on normal currently); how do I make enough money to pay my bills at the end of the (first) month?
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