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Found 16 results

  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4Y8_8iooOzeOE4yMFYxT0lvQ0k/edit?usp=sharing I've been getting these white tiles appearing randomly during my games - seemed to start on desert maps, and they got larger and larger - the corvette ufo turned white as well when I used my C4 on it. Restarting the game seems to have fixed the issue, and i neglected to grab screenshots beforehand. This may not be reproducable, sorry.
  2. I found these in my screenshot folder, can't recall how I did that. Anyhow, it happened and maybe looking at it will lead the coding team to some bugfixing breakthrough.
  3. That's some fast jetpack! Goes across the map in 0 seconds! Looks like the pathing code is performing exceptionally well at exploiting bugs like this one. save file: http://share.cx.com/ZQF3Zc
  4. Known issue, I know, but this time I got a few save files that can reproduce the problem here: http://share.cx.com/6ZCb79 save files: autosave (start of mission) 2013-11-09_14.03.26.sav - v3m4 (first save after start) 2013-11-09_14.04.57.sav - v3m4a (second turn, alien stuck in rock) 2013-11-09_14.07.33.sav - v3m4aa (first turn, attempt to reproduce above - alien should end up being stuck on next turn) If it doesn't work, try loading v3m4 and spread your troops around that rock - not too close or the alien will shoot at you instead of getting stuck, and not too far or the guy will just roam about looking for things to shoot. Just right is so he can see your guys but won't shoot due to long range, so the next thing the alien does is looking for cover, which makes the guy walk into that rock somehow.
  5. Standing on top of stunned units makes aliens blue So far, affects cesean soldiers and these flying yellow robots. It happens after highlighting them with the grenade icon, after going green (highlighted) their palette changes to blue (stunned) instead of the default one. save files where this happens: http://share.cx.com/Dcn9cj http://share.cx.com/rChwDr
  6. I've spent a while running my soldiers up and down the map and couldn't find any but one surviving alien. Killing that one guy didn't end the mission either. Briefing said the craft sustained minor damage, yet what I found on the ground was in a pretty bad shape. Attaching save files: http://share.cx.com/7k3mHx
  7. So here's something I was considering while playing the new v19 steam build today: Where's the stun damage indicator in the UI? I mean, the original X-Com1994 has this, when you take stun damage, your HP bar fills up with a blue color, and when it reaches the max of your current total health for a unit, your trooper passes out. So, I'm just suggesting that this UI feature be implemented, as it's something that would A) be useful to have and B) was in the original game this one is based off of, so not having it seems a step back. If it's going to need a color on the bar, might I suggest Purple? Considering Suppression works against TUs, it would also be pretty boss to have a similar effect on your TU bar too Also, while on the UI, can we maybe get a better indicator or art to let us know where borders are when we view transparent objects? Something so we know where the borders of the object are on the ground when we try to move characters around an object? Especially with objects that have funny shapes, like alien ships. In general, can we also get transparent objects to go transparent when the cursor, not the just the character, goes behind them? Right now it's really difficult to tell where exactly you're moving your characters when it's in a location "Behind" an object that goes transparent, but only once the character gets to the location. Also, if there is a blindness effect for when you use flashbangs, the player has no way of knowing it right now. I understand that flashbangs cause high suppression, but if there is also a blindness/lowered accuracy effect (which I would expect there to be), there is no indication of this effect taking place. Some kind of color overlay on a character that is blinded (black or grey over the head is common here) would be especially useful.
  8. In one of the farm maps there is a building type (a stable, I think) with large "windows" that are so large you can easily fit your Xenonaut soldiers through them, and seem to be designed with the intent that the player can vault through them. Unfortunately however, the player cannot, and it seems like a bug. See Attached photo: Steps to reproduce: 1) Load into battles until at a farm map with the building tiles seen in the photo (a stable?). 2) Notice that the building has VERY large windows and fairly low cover, enough that they seem intended for the player to vault through them. 3) Attempt to vault through these large "windows". 4) Notice that this does not work, and you feel sad and cheated. Suggestions to fix: Make those windows vault-able!
  9. If the user decides to use a medkit on another soldier, but that soldier has been placed behind a large prop which has gained transparency, then the medikit's use does not know to prioritze the prop, or person. As you can see in the attached image, attempting to use a medkit on a person behind a large tree had the medkit prioritizing the tree rather than the person behind it. Steps to reproduce: 1) Enter any map with large props and at least two soldiers, with one who has a medkit. 2) Let one soldier get damaged by an enemy, then move that soldier "behind" a large prop, as in, in position where the prop goes transparent. 3) Move the soldier with the medkit next to the injured soldier and attempt to use the medkit on the injured soldier. 4) Notice that the targeting priority of the medkit is on the prop, not the soldier for every pixel that is covered. If the soldier is completely covered by the prop, they cannot be healed. (Seriously, I lost good men to this bug!) Suggestions to resolve: 1) Remove ability to target props at all when using medkit. 2) Increase priority on PC's/NPC's when targeting, while lowering priority of props. Also, this is a general thing too. I mean, it happens with guns. In the 2nd attached image, I was attempting to target the Sebillian who was "behind" a tree, and the game kept wanting to target the tree. Also, I really only did this on this one map, so it might just be these trees, but I doubt it.
  10. Light Scout. Farm Map. I wanted to see if firing a rocket at the UFO doors would damage them, and force the aliens to come out to play. Instead the door remained untouched but I scored damage points to two aliens inside. Had I kept going, presumably I could have killed the aliens without ever opening the UFO door (unless it does break later on).
  11. I've been playing the game quite a bit recently, and I've noticed as I continue to play, my load times for the Battlescape continue to increase to the point where I can no longer actually load the Battlescape in any kind of reasonable space of time. The last Battlescape I ran was hovering at 10-20 FPS when usually I'm running between 50-60 on any Battlescape before that last game. I wondered if the Battlescape was trying to load a bunch of old data, so I made a copy of my current save and deleted all of my autosave data and other game saves but to no avail. I don't believe this is a save file issue, and I was wondering if anyone had similar issues and any ways to resolve it. I want to play some Xenonauts!
  12. South Africa Desert Map Landing Ship had landed. Around 3 turns into the mission, the aliens start firing from within the ship. Not unusual for this to happen. However CTD occurred, with a black screen that took a system reboot to get out of. This hasn't happened in any other build for me. Most up to date save game attached. Hopefully just before mission start. http://rghost.net/45295602
  13. Two soldiers so are so close to each other, they share the same space. Think it may have been mentioned, but couldn't find the thread.
  14. Daytime mission in Britain Industrial Map Xenonaut coming out of main exit to chinook looks to fire Rocket Launcher. Rocket would hit edge of Chinook door at point blank. Game CTD.
  15. This is a follow up to this thread back in v14 Soldiers unable to heal each other in a Landing Ship mission. Medikits are in inventory, but all show "0" uses remaining. The reason turns out to be that the Advanced Medikit is now available. Result is that soldiers bleed to death before the end of the mission without medikits. So, you either remove all old kits automatically or allow both to function separately.
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