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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Just some alternate images to use in place of the bright red ones currently in the alpha. Just unzip and place the ones you want in the assets>uitextures>roles folder. The game defaults are Assault, Commando, Heavy, Rifleman, Sniper The attachment includes the following, A – Assault Rifleman AC- Aircav B – Breach Specialist/ Shock Troop C- Commando CQS- Close Quarters Specialist CW – Chemical Weapons D – Demolitions (Sapper) G – Gunner (Support Weapons) Gr - Grenadier H – Heavy Weapons (Rocketeer) I - Intelligence Med – Medic (Field) M – Mule (Ammo) P- Pistolier Psi – Psi R – Recon (Scout) S – Sniper (Marksman) SP - Spotter SW- Special Weapons Unfortunately, only the ones already in as defaults are replaced. The others can be selected through one of the unused icons. Clicking that, and naming the new squad role will then give you the list of images to select. http://rghost.net/41640190
  2. Most squad-based tactical games in the vein of x-com allow the player to rename their soldiers. 90% of the time, players use this feature to make notes about their soldier's capabilities or role in the squad, leading to teams with stupid names like "Bob Machinegunner" or "Bill Sniper" or "James Medic." Or even worse, "Shotgun 2." I've always hated this. Could we just have a separate field, which is displayed with the name (like their rank), which allows us to enter a comment without renaming the soldier? Or even just provide a dropdown of preset roles we could assign our soldiers? This could also be used to allow us to sort our soldiers when equipping them, allowing for easier management of soldiers within standardized roles. Even better, it could allow us to define default loadouts to soldier roles in order to reduce some of the micromanagement required when equipping squads before a mission.
  3. Equipping soldiers for their various roles in my army used to be quite the chore in XCOM-Apocalypse. That was the most boring and time-consuming single task. Like in Xeno, soldiers would (kind of) remember the equipment between missions but they did not automatically replace the consumeables like grenades. Luckily this is done automatically in Xeno because the FAQ says that we "won't have to re-equip them every mission". That implies that there is already a system to save the soldier's equipment as a template. Otherwise the game wouldn't know with which items the soldier went into the last mission. There oviously is also a system to equip a soldier based on that template. So... this could be improved with a tiny bit of interface. On the soldier inventory screen there would be a button for "Save Equipment Profile". When pressed, it prompts for an icon to attach to this loadout and possibly a name. It stores all currently equipped items into this profile. All assigned loadouts would be displayed as icons on the equipment screen. Pressing one icon instantly equips the soldier to match the new assignment. If this cannot be completed (items missing) some error beep is played. Right-Clicking the icon pops up a menu to delete / update this profile. Equipping 5 soldiers for a mission would go like... cursor left / right to switch through the soldiers, one click each to equip for the desired role. No clicking / scrolling through equipment lists. Just you... grenadier, you... sniper. As a useful feature for tac battles, the loadout icon could be displayed in a corner of the unit portrait, designating the currently assigned role of that soldier. If that icon were also visible on the sortable soldier list I saw in the video, the player would have an overview over every soldier's role / equipment without having to check them all personally. And if the icon is listed there, a right click on it would pop up a list of available loadouts so one could equip soldiers directly from the soldier list without even having to enter the inventory screen. A similiar system could be used for interceptors but since I don't know what flyer equipment there will be, I can hardly guess how useful it would be to re-equip them for specific missions.
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