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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Running gog's version of Xenonauts + XCE 3.5.1 I am trying to make the AI aggressive and willing to hunt my troops instead of always waiting for them. From what i could gather most of what i am trying to achieve is controlled by the aiprops.xml After a few days of tinkering, comparing with other mods, reading searches results etc... i am now running with these values (for making it easier to test with my saved game those values are used in the whole aiprops.xml, there's no more different value for specific alien species or any difference between aggressive/passive/guard/etc... all of the AI are supposed to use those) For the <Pathing section : Environment = "-1" Sight="-10.0" Sound="-15.0" Cover="-10" ShotPotential="-25" EnemyInfluence="-20" AlliedInfluence="-8" Ambush="-25" Trepidation="-5.0" EnemyLOS="-20" AlliedLOS="0" ProbabilisticSearch="-6" NearestEnemy="-8" Goal="-100" For the <PathingMechanics sections, only those 2 lines are changed : (this supposed to avoid an AI moving only around their spawn zone , and only start to reserve some TU in case player troops are really close) FloorPreference = "0.0" LookAroundSpawn = "0" CautiousDistance = "5" For the <Decision section, only this : (this to make sure the AI does not hesitate to shoot when it spot player troops instead of doing nothing half of the time, and also supposed to allow them to expand out of their "goal" ) MinimumAccuracy = "0.01" ChanceForExpansionFromGoalTiles = "80" It seems to work for ... half of the AI troops (the ones that are spawned around the map) , they seem to go actively hunting my troopers, exactly what i want. BUT ! for troops that spawn inside or around the downed UFO, it does not do anything : they never leave the UFO area , some of them will pop out of it, but they will never go hunting my troops, they will either go back in the UFO or just stay around it. So as i am out of idea, anyone has a solution for my problem , in summary i want every enemy AI to go hunt for my troops, regardless if they're spawned in the UFO or in the map Edit : oops wanted to post that in the modding section.
  2. So I've been playing a lot of Xenonauts recently and one thing that I'm consistently noticing is that it doesn't really feel as though I'm fighting intelligent opponents. Part of that is an issue I have with the enemy AI, and part of that is an issue that I have with how enemy defenses are set up and the weaponry available to them. The first and most glaringly obvious thing to me is the lack of stationary weapons emplacements whenever we're boarding UFOs. My reasoning is thus: the aliens are a reasonably tactically versed enemy. They also know that humans with some pressing questions and heavy weaponry and explosives will be showing up within 24 hours to speak with them; any longer and (since the UFOs disappear without any cash payment or any mention of any action by local governments) they will be rescued and the craft salvaged. Their larger UFOs are also laid out so that there are several chokepoints with relatively long lines of sight. They are also capable of building burst-fire weaponry. So why is it that we don't see an equivalent of, say, an M2 Browning, a heavy weapon capable of sustained fire that you can set up in one position to cover a certain position? The very first thing I would do if I knew that I only had to hold the ship against enemy attack for a certain amount of time would be to set up a machine gun or equivalent to cover the chokepoints within the ship. The sheer volume of fire that it would be able to deliver and its relatively high ammunition capacity means that you would be able to tear any nosy humans to literal shreds if they tried to get in for quite some time, and since they don't have weaponry capable of going through the walls, it instantly makes the ship much, much more defensible. On the human side, this also increases the tactical usefulness of snipers and rocket launchers, because those let you kill the aliens manning those weapons with relatively little risk to the soldiers in question, as well as explosives (provided we get destructible walls in future), which would let you flank them. I also have a bit of an issue with the enemy AI after you've slaughtered all the aliens in the UFO and are on the way to capturing it. Why is it that the aliens don't immediately converge on the UFO once you've initiated that victory condition? It makes the "five turns after you've occupied it" victory condition a little unnecessary to my thinking, if you're already guaranteed victory after you've captured it, and it'd make it more interesting if you're four turns in with three Xenonauts on the verge of death by bleed-out and then that one bastard of an Sebillian you missed blunders in, resetting the timer. All in all, I think that it's a very fun game with a lot of replay value; I just think that those little additions would make the experience feel that much more real (as real as a game about shooting space aliens can be).
  3. New custom alien races introduced in aiprops.xml suffer from passiveness that does not effect the standard alien races. Custom alien races often end up moving next to Xenonauts without doing anything. They also seem incapable of reaction fire. I've also noticed that if a standard alien race unit stands next to a custom alien race unit, it kind of activates the custom alien race unit making it behave like it should and be more aggressive. However, if the custom alien race unit is alone or together with only other members of its race, it will retain the faulty AI. Copying the exact settings of a custom alien race and its ranks into a standard alien race, i.e Caesan, makes them behave like they should, so there seems to be some part of the AI code that is hardcoded to only accept the names of the standard alien races (i.e Caesan, Sebillian, Andron etc). I tried seeing if it was related to the Soldier, Warrior, Elite etc. rank naming convention as well, but it made no difference for custom alien races. While on the topic of AI and aiprops.xml I would like to request the ability to change the "zombify/spawnreaper" animation and sound effect on a per race basis. The standard animation and sound effect does not fit some of the new alien types I'm creating that use the new "spawnreaper.race.rank.turns" functionality and being able to change it on a per race basis would be of great help.
  4. Hello, I'm playing Xenonauts Community Edition with almost no mods (only the base ones enabled automatically, plus Ambiant Sounds). I was recording live on Twitch and for a Youtube Let's play, so that's quite unfortunate if I can't deliver the content of endgame. The crash occurs during a mission with a Praetor. This is the only time I've had the game freeze like this, so it's probably either linked to the Praetor himself or Psy powers. The first the issue didn't occur at this point but 5 turns later while inside the ship. I reloaded this save, and never managed to go further : It always freezes at the end of this turn. I even tried to not move at all, but no luck. After about 8 retries, I gave up. You can download the save below. Thanks, all help is appreciated. Oz_encours.7z
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