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  1. Thank you for the explanation, i was worried this lack of default base mod was making me miss most of what the XCE is doing.
  2. Hello, thanks for all the work on the community edition. I had just noticed there was a new version of the community edition. In order to avoid possibly screwing up my install, i decided then to make things clean so i uninstalled and reinstalled my gog version of Xenonauts. Then downloaded the new XCE 0.35 ( xce-035.zip from the link in the first post ) Extracted the whole thing into the game directory as instructed, checked in the loader that "Xenonauts Community Edition 0.35" was mentionned , and launched the game. Game was entirely in french now, not really a problem as it's my language anyways and after playing for a while the translation is very well done. Now it is mentionned in the first post that it's possible to play XCE 0.35 in another language by disable the (FR) version of each mod , as i was curious on a specific translation, i decided to check back how it was in english. Checked the modloader to disable the (FR) part and noticed the "XCE:Base Mod" is actually missing ! there is only the (FR) part of it : I'm unsure if it's me that did something wrong or if it's actually missing from the xce035.zip , but in case it's impacting the gameplayi thought it better report it now.