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  1. That's a very good idea , but unfortunately i don't have the knowledge on how to do that . Wish i knew how to, because that would allow for some very interesting tactical positioning.
  2. Replying to myself, i finally figured it out and it works great, battles are way more intense now. The mini mod can be downloaded from there :
  3. Hello It's been a long time i hadn't played Xenonauts, and after completing a few missions i unfortunately started to get a bit bored as the AI spend still more time avoiding fighting than actually trying to end your troops. Probably because i play a lot of openxcom and its megamods since years too so i'm probably too used to the formula, so i needed something to make Xenonauts "new" again to me. And how about having the AI modified to be completely merciless, hyper aggressive and always hunting the player instead of waiting for him. While some mods may have a more aggressive AI than the normal game/XCE they usually adds a lot more, and i really wanted to play the default Xenonauts (+XCE of course for the various fixes). Took me a few days to get it right, especially in how to get the AI to stop camping and sleeping in their UFO not contributing to the fight vs the player, but i think finally i got it right and every aliens on the maps are now on a mission to get rid of the player troopers, regardless if they start in their UFO or outside, they will come to hunt your soldiers and will not stop until they're all dead. Perfect to revisit Xenonauts and get rushed by the AI troops. And that's very fun to experience that AI behaviour and some missions that used to be too easy may have several soldiers killed by the enemy waves. Fortunately you'll have the Caesans in the early mission to get you acquainted with the new AI behaviour as they're weak and are fortunately killed easily, but be warned that once the opposition will start to field tougher aliens it's going to be a slaughter and you better be prepared. To install, simply extract the file aiprops.xml from the downloaded "ZergAI.zip" archive attached to this post and replace the aiprops.xml that is used in your game It should be in ...\Xenonauts\assets\mods\xce\ (you need to use the XCE base mod at least, i'm not sure if this is compatible with vanilla Xenonauts) zergAI.zip
  4. Hello Running gog's version of Xenonauts + XCE 3.5.1 I am trying to make the AI aggressive and willing to hunt my troops instead of always waiting for them. From what i could gather most of what i am trying to achieve is controlled by the aiprops.xml After a few days of tinkering, comparing with other mods, reading searches results etc... i am now running with these values (for making it easier to test with my saved game those values are used in the whole aiprops.xml, there's no more different value for specific alien species or any difference between aggressive/passive/guard/etc... all of the AI are supposed to use those) For the <Pathing section : Environment = "-1" Sight="-10.0" Sound="-15.0" Cover="-10" ShotPotential="-25" EnemyInfluence="-20" AlliedInfluence="-8" Ambush="-25" Trepidation="-5.0" EnemyLOS="-20" AlliedLOS="0" ProbabilisticSearch="-6" NearestEnemy="-8" Goal="-100" For the <PathingMechanics sections, only those 2 lines are changed : (this supposed to avoid an AI moving only around their spawn zone , and only start to reserve some TU in case player troops are really close) FloorPreference = "0.0" LookAroundSpawn = "0" CautiousDistance = "5" For the <Decision section, only this : (this to make sure the AI does not hesitate to shoot when it spot player troops instead of doing nothing half of the time, and also supposed to allow them to expand out of their "goal" ) MinimumAccuracy = "0.01" ChanceForExpansionFromGoalTiles = "80" It seems to work for ... half of the AI troops (the ones that are spawned around the map) , they seem to go actively hunting my troopers, exactly what i want. BUT ! for troops that spawn inside or around the downed UFO, it does not do anything : they never leave the UFO area , some of them will pop out of it, but they will never go hunting my troops, they will either go back in the UFO or just stay around it. So as i am out of idea, anyone has a solution for my problem , in summary i want every enemy AI to go hunt for my troops, regardless if they're spawned in the UFO or in the map Edit : oops wanted to post that in the modding section.
  5. Thank you for the explanation, i was worried this lack of default base mod was making me miss most of what the XCE is doing.
  6. Hello, thanks for all the work on the community edition. I had just noticed there was a new version of the community edition. In order to avoid possibly screwing up my install, i decided then to make things clean so i uninstalled and reinstalled my gog version of Xenonauts. Then downloaded the new XCE 0.35 ( xce-035.zip from the link in the first post ) Extracted the whole thing into the game directory as instructed, checked in the loader that "Xenonauts Community Edition 0.35" was mentionned , and launched the game. Game was entirely in french now, not really a problem as it's my language anyways and after playing for a while the translation is very well done. Now it is mentionned in the first post that it's possible to play XCE 0.35 in another language by disable the (FR) version of each mod , as i was curious on a specific translation, i decided to check back how it was in english. Checked the modloader to disable the (FR) part and noticed the "XCE:Base Mod" is actually missing ! there is only the (FR) part of it : I'm unsure if it's me that did something wrong or if it's actually missing from the xce035.zip , but in case it's impacting the gameplayi thought it better report it now.
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