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  1. Since 3 incidents, very much in the vein of the original X-Com just happened to me in this mission I felt I should make a post about it in case there's some simple tweaks to the AI that still need to be made. 1. Early on I had a alien spawning inside a hayball. Not sure he was able to move, I basically pointed guns in the position he should be until he was dead, dead, dead. Me likes target practice. 2. Even earlier a silly farmer ran from his position into open fire...twice. And died. Did he died? Yes he did, me thinks a civilian farmer knows how fire looks and knows its bad, bad, bad. So why did he go there? Why oh why indeed. Stop giving me negative points I cant prevent, you civilian silly-person you. 3. Oh holy Spagetti Monster!, first time ever in Xenonauts, but I just had what I thought was a regular "killing the UFO crew sweep and mission end"- moment but it was about to drag on forever. There was a missed alien somewhere, spent almost 10 rounds sweeping the map for the last bugger hiding in a dark shadow close to my drop ship of all things. He must have lost his purse. I almost felt like I was back on a X-Com Terrors from the Deep Ship Mission. Everything missing was a dark spot behind some fridge in the kitchen. ye'all know what Im talking about. Yay for nostalgia.
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