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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Guys\Girls, There are some annoying problems, that blocks you in progressing the game, but maybe there is a workaround for it until the next patch, but you just don't know about it. Here you can share your findings with the community. This thread is not instead of reporting bugs and posting workarounds, this thread is to help each other to progress in the game further. Workaround for the camera panning on farmlands: Issue: You cannot pan camera to the north on farmlands Solution: Pan it to two directions at the same time. (Press Up and a Side button \ Hover your cursor to a top corner) Workaround for the Machine Gunners cannot jump over fences: Issue: Machine gunners cannot jump over fences. Workaround: Crouch before the fence, then give a move command trough it. (You will see your machine gunner slide over it) Returning to base with low fuel crash: Issue: Sometimes when you keep fighting with low fuel the game crashes. Workaround: Whenever the return to base dialog pops up, accept it and flee! Please share your findings, and thank you for the good job guys .
  2. Shoot down the escorts, disengage from the fight, reangage, shoot down main craft. This way the CTD that seemingly only occurs if an escorted craft is downed, doesn't kick in.
  3. I'm at that point in the game where I need to take out some alien bases, but without the tileset being implemented, I can't actually do that. Does anyone know of a workaround, so I can keep playing? Or is the only solution to wait for beta and the proper alien base tileset?
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