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Found 3 results

  1. I noticed that, although working correctly sometimes, there are still instances where the soldier does the jump over animation, but lands in front of the item, rather than behind it. Is this still being worked on (lower priority), or is this a flaw that cannot be fixed for the final?
  2. {I will periodically update this first post} Short Demonstration video UPDATE: download 0.2 Fixed alot of stupid errors on my part. the files uploaded were my test batch, so alot of them were kinda broken, I apologize for that. Problem: You can vault through windows as long as they're not broken. if you shoot a window before trying to vault through it, the window becomes impassable. I've went over the spectres many times and T&Eed just about everything I could, but to no avail. update:Strangely enough, you can vault through broken windows as long as it's from the inside#will need further testing#. notes: Back up your "assets\tiles\industrial and assets\tiles\Farm" folders. You'll have to start a new game for vaulting to work. The sprites included are more focused on graphic representation then detail. some windows will open in strange ways. Clipping issues are present Any help will be greatly appreciated, I do plan to finish this. Well, enjoy
  3. I know that vaulting over cover is planned for the game, but I have been playing a wee bit of Gears of war 3, and one of the things you can do in that is vault over the cover, and if there is someone on the other side you knock them back, Then shoot them, hopefully... This could apply to Xenonauts as a valid tactic, as it would not the enemy out of cover, and force them to stand up. Granted it would be done cautiously as your man would be on the wrong side of the cover, but if you're having a hard time killing an entrenched enemy... Animation wise, well I don't know, perhaps you could just try running the 'get into cover' animation backwards? Maybe with a bit more staggering perhaps?
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