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Found 7 results

  1. Sorry haven't seen this anywhere else yet, please combine if it is somewhere else. 1. When saving the most recent game should go to the top of the list (be the most recent)
  2. tried posting this already, but the internet ate it =[ basically with the last 4 AP I can occasionally move some of my soldiers. Now this would be all right if they were walking forward, but occasionally it does it so that the last movement they do is sideways, as in the character is moving forward, and then at the end takes a step sideways (without turning) and ends up with 0 AP left at the end of it.
  3. So I saw an alien through a window. My soldier with no armour and a machine gun runs up to the window, and aims at the alien. Because the window is still there there is a 0% chance to hit, but I shoot the 5 round burst hoping the last 4 rounds will hit the alien. But no. My man shoots out the window, destroys the whole wall section, then falls down dead. Oh and then the game crashed... Also this was in debug mode.
  4. After a while of right clicking items to unequip them, the game crashes. Haven't got much more than that to recreate, but it has happened at least twice to me. Just keep right clicking stuff from several soldiers, replacing their weapons with others by double left clicking, and it should happen to you too!
  5. Got shot through the front door of the ufo (into the big compartment) and could shoot back through it. I never opened it, and had to do so later
  6. Every time I finish the ground combat, the hidden movement screen comes up, and never goes away. I alt-cntr-del and it says the program is not responding. I know I have posted this in other threads, but they are relating to slightly different things so I thought I'd make this one it's own thread.
  7. It appears that the cover indicator comes up even if the cover is through the wall. see picture for an example
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