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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, so I finally got some time to check out the beta. I'm playing the current Steam version which is v20 stable I believe. Figured I would leave some first impressions. I am aware of v21x and that probably deals with some of the issues I'm about to list. Geoscape: - You should be able to change speeds on the geoscape while a notification has popped up. Sometimes I'm cruising along in max speed and something happens which pauses the game, but when I deal with the notification the game continues racing on and I don't have a chance to deal with whatever happened. Either that or simply add a "okay 5-seconds" button to ALL notifications. - Condors seem to be somewhat ineffective. If you play out a tactical battle against a small UFO with 3 condors they fire two waves of 3 missiles and the UFO will easily dodge roll away from them. This forces the condors to close to cannon range and I tend to lose 1/3 most of the time. Outside of combat their lack of range renders them obsolete too quickly. Condors should probably carry more missiles or have some way of staggering missile launches so the whole wing doesn't shoot at once. - The way I imagined it was that Foxtrots wouldn't be a straight upgrade. But I find myself using them that way because Condors can't even reach half of the UFOs that I see. - Aircraft range in general is too limited, especially compared to the radar coverage you can achieve. I think I remember in-flight refueling being a possibility? Perhaps aircraft could also land at bases in friendly countries? They would of course charge you for this, but some way of extending coverage is required. Alternately each aircraft could be given more hardpoints and make fuel drop tanks a useful tradeoff over firepower. - Foxtrots can get stuck in a circle pattern when facing a Corvette. I tried making my planes attack the corvette from behind, but what ended up happening is the corvette started a hard turn at the very edge of torpedo firing range and the foxtrots began to turn with them in an endless circle until they ran out of fuel. I'm not sure why this happened because the corvette WAS inside the firing cone, but the missiles were never launched. - Research in general seems a tad bit slow. Even with three working labs I only make a couple improvements a month and my list is a constant logjam of topics. - The lab and manufacturing screens need "assign all/remove all" buttons to make it easier to shift them around. - Your current stock of alien materials should be displayed on the manufacturing screen somewhere. - You should be able to hire more scientists than you have lab space for. This way you don't have to build the lab and have it sit idle for a while until the staff arrives. Being able to transfer scientists would also be helpful. - There should be a hide interface button for base screens to allow you to appreciate the background art. - Sometimes when I pull a soldier off a dropship I get a "this base has no soldiers" screen" until I leave that tab and come back. - The soldier equip screen could do with more buttons and less dropdown menus for stuff like class and assignment. Tactical: - Soldiers in general seem to have too few TUs. This is something addressed in v21 I think. - Rockets seem to be too weak in general, especially the pre-alenium ones. I hit a Ceasan dead in the face with one and it only wounded him. Damage to terrain is also lacking. - Grenades need to have different throwing arcs. A direct fast "pitch" with a flat arc, and a high angled "toss" for throwing over obstacles. - Flashbangs tossed into UFOs are highly unreliable and fail to suppress even if they land on top of stuff. They also don't deal nearly as much stunning damage as they should. - Tactical combat has crashed on me several times. This seems to be directly related to the scout car. Specifically when the scout car hits something directly with a single shot weapon (rocket/laser etc). - Hit indication has poor feedback. It's impossible to tell if a projectile that "hit" glanced off armour, hit the ground or just missed entirely. All you know is that it "hit" and nothing happened. - It seemed strange to me that you can't salvage or use alien grenades. Given how simple they are the ergonomics should not be an issue, unless they have some sort of alien only locking mechanism. - It would be nice if soldiers could pick up items in the tiles beside them. This would allow one soldier to drop an item and the soldier beside him pick it up, without him having to move. - Given how carry weight is at a premium and only gets more crowded as the game progresses, it would be nice if the scout car could carry some supplies into battle. Soldiers standing beside it could pick up the items as if they were "on the ground" but at a high TU cost. - Soldiers who walk into stun gas have a distressing tendency to burst into gibs. - Laser weapons don't seem to suppress enemies at all. I never had trouble doing this with bullet weapons, but lasers don't have any effect. Even firing into the ground beside friendlies doesn't phase them. - Scatter Laser ammo capacity is too low. All of the other laser weapons have around a 1/2 capacity compared to their bullet equivalents. But scatter lasers only have 3 shots versus the machineguns 10. I would suggest giving it a capacity of 30 shots, for 6 bursts. However when you reload the Scatter laser it would take two power cells instead of one. This would actually match what it shows on the paperdoll image. - Cover is a little wonky. Firing over something right beside you is simple. But even something one tile away jumps to a 50% block rate. This also makes it almost impossible to fire past crouching soldiers. Cover should scale depending on it's distance to you, and your target's distance from it's cover.
  2. First the Length of the title is too short to accurately display the bug it should read : [V20 Stable 05/01/2014-Ground Combat] game freezes for 5-10 seconds every time a soldier dies and the death animation is played I started a new game ,managed to intercept a fighter ( it was the first fighter I encountered) ,landed an assault team one of my soldiers died 2 minutes into the level , the game froze for 6 seconds then I saw the death animation play and the game continued on a second soldier died 1 minutes later , and again the same issue hope this helps
  3. This hotfix addresses a number of issues with the V20 Stable build that we put out over the holidays, and should hopefully clear up the worst of the issues. Please note: We are ONLY pushing this to the Experimental Branch on Steam for the moment, if it proves to be reliable after a few a days then we will go ahead and promote it to the main branch. Here's the change list: Fixes: - Units above walls can now see over them (applies to both jetpack infantry and units in structures - Incendiary damage bonus to props is no longer applied against units too - Units now leave their "gibbed" sprite behind after being killed by overdamage weapons - Units now always play the correct animation when dual wielding weapons - Capturing a landed UFO will now grant you the national relations bonus assigned to that UFO type - Fixed aircraft waypoints not always drawing - Sell/Transfer button on stores screen now displays correctly - Style changes to soldier equip screen buttons - AI should now shoot stunned enemy units, so you cannot save men by knocking them out - AI should no longer try to attack through doors - Fixed issue where the accuracy for aliens shooting was based on strength - Fixed missing C4 animations for Wolf and Jackal - Vault, death and injury animations sped up by 40% - Fixed soldiers being healed up to 98% only - Aliens will now generally be facing the dropship on mission start - Fixed column ordering in the soldier management screen - Time acceleration is now reset to 5 seconds when closing the interceptor dialogue - Fixed Alien Fusion Reactor displaying incorrect Xenopedia entry - Soldiers should now receive the correct penalty for going over their carrying capacity - Fixed UFO supply run missions causing a crash if the base they were to supply was destroyed - Removed sticky Ctrl key for various add/remove buttons in the base management screens - Fixed a crash that would occur if you pressed escape while placing a building - Fixed alpha channel on the main menu clipboard - Fixed Alien weapon accuracy penalty being applied to aliens! Additions: - New dust cloud animation is played when props are destroyed to smooth the visual transition - The space bar now only functions as a time-stop toggle on the Geoscape, rather than centring the camera - All free scientists/engineers are automatically assigned to a new project - Air Combat auto-resolve percentage victory chance is now displayed - Mouse wheel and keys now let you scroll through the soldier list in the soldier equip screen Also I am back, Happy New Year all! EDIT: I accidentally did not update the saved game number in the initial build of this, which meant previous saved games would disappear. I hotfixed this at about an hour ago so those saved games should show up again.
  4. Hi All, I have just started playing so I am still getting used to the game. But when I use smoke my accuracy is reduced to 0 from inside the smoke. Is this normal? Also im having a tough time in ground combat. Any tips from veterans out there? Best
  5. Hi all, Just two quick questions. I know Chris said something about trying to get a stable V20 out before the holidays. Any news on that front? Second. There are options to customize the names of soldiers and aircraft. Is there an option to change base names? Did I just completely miss it? If not is that something that could be added in? Id like my bases to be called something besides Alpha, Beta, etc... Thanks!
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