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  1. I broke my hand last friday (damn icey, slippery walkway) and had to undergo a small surgigal procedure so I've had a lot of free time to play Xenonauts. I'm now a bionic man with titanium in my hand! I started a brand new 20.8 game with easy difficulty setting (as I've had a bit of trouble with earlier builds) I had much better time this time around and the game felt FUN! The game never felt underwhelmingly hard (as it should be on easy difficulty setting) and it progressed quite nicely until corvettes. Geoscape balance felt great and I had plenty of resources to found new bases and buy additional condors and foxtrots. Ground combat still suffers from map repetition at least on scouts and small scouts. I also felt I got too few industrial tile set maps. AI is super great(!!) but seems to suffer some kind of bug that makes aliens strangely passive at least in crash sites. They rarely move towards my units or shoot on their own turn, but rather pull back to reserve TU's for reaction fire. This wasn't the case in previous versions. Also one AI suggestion to GJ: when an alien unit dies in a spot that AI thinks is a good cover, other nearby aliens tend to move to that same position and take cover. If I happen to have a good line of fire in that sqaure, this often leads to a pile of bodies in same spot. So I think a dead unit should signal the AI that this isn't a safe spot for other units, so they would move somewhere else, even though this seems the safest place. While the start of the game feels almost perfect, the main problem atm for me was that the game plot stuck to "interrogate alien officer" I had the same objective until I quit the game in march (I fast forwared a lot as I found out the game wouldn't progress). I never once had alien bases or base attacks and the game started to feel tedious, as all the missions I had was crash/landing sites and a few terror sites. This is the first time I really enjoyed the game, so you guys are definitely going in right direction. I just feel that the game lost it's structure after first two months and started to repeat itself too much. One or two small and easy alien bases (with officers) and maybe one tougher after three months would have made the game progression perfect in my mind at least. Thanks for reading.
  2. Firstly, if you do not know how to access the experimental branch on Steam, please read the instructions (and warnings!) in this thread. This hotfix just addresses a couple of issues. Fixes: - Fixed issue where units walking through any type of gas would take "damage" from it and stop, despite it dealing no damage - Base rooms that are under construction will now be correctly added to the map for base attack missions
  3. Firstly, if you do not know how to access the experimental branch on Steam, please read the instructions (and warnings!) in this thread. This hotfix addresses a few issues, and also includes a small number of improvements. The changes here are minor enough that saved games from build 8 should not be affected. Fixes: - Auto-saves created at the start of Ground Combat now include aliens - UFOs shot down over water now correctly grant a relations boost to the nearest funding nation - Camera delay after an AI unit moved/fired reduced slightly - Fixed C4 damage being set to 20 instead of 200 (oops) Additions: - Injured soldiers are now indicated on the soldier equip screen Balance: - Funding from each nation is now capped at 2 times the starting funding level of that block (previously could be pumped to infinity) - Victory in a Terror Mission now grants you a significant relations bonus with the nation that was attacked - Extended the length of time both Terror Mission types persist for to be between 12 and 24 hours (was previously between 3 and 12) - Set Xenonaut/Alien accuracy bonus to 1.5x (this was already stealth-fixed in, listing here for completeness) - Increased the speed and turn rate of higher tiered UFO weapons (they were trivially easy to avoid with any aircraft due to their long travel time) - Turn rate of faster UFOs now increase with their speed; previously their turning circles were just too large
  4. Firstly, if you do not know how to access the experimental branch on Steam, please read the instructions (and warnings!) in this thread. All saved games from earlier versions (including experimental versions) are incompatible, attempting to load them will cause problems. This new build contains a large set of fixes and improvements across the board, there hasn't really been a particular focus to it. Probably the most important fixes are for a crash related to Reapers and another related to Bombers. The biggest changes are further work going into the balance for the Geoscape - Air combat has been softened again, and national funding has been increased to make up a bigger portion of your income. Terror missions have also been re-worked with different spawn locations and behaviours for aliens, which might prove quite a change so feedback on that appreciated. I'm afraid there is a KNOWN ISSUE with this build which we have not had time to fix, but is quite easy to ignore if you know about it: The "autosave" created at the start of a ground combat mission is for some reason not saving the locations of alien units; this means if you load an autosave from ground combat it you will immediately be able to win the mission (ripe for abuse!). Normal saved games work fine. Please just work around this for the time being by making a save at the start of ground combat missions yourself - we will hotfix as soon as possible, but wantd to get this build out in the time for the weekend for everyone to play. Fixes - Fixed a load of incorrectly set tiles in the arctic and industrial sets - Changed nation rating on mission end to say "placeholder" so it is less confusing until we get the new screen in - Removed "Wraith Leader" enemy type, as there are no unique graphics for it - Updates to Czech names to make them more correct - Fixed: On 16:10 resolutions (and therefore also on 4:3 ones), the base screen buildings did not align correctly - Fixed a variety of tile bugs in the Xenonaut base and Town tilesets - Fixed instances where units killed in fire appeared to remain alllliveee - Fixed a freeze caused by bombing run missions - Fixed: double icon for aerial terror sites shown when reloading a game - Pumped Reaper chance to hit to extreme levels (they were missing, which shouldn't happen) - Sped up crouching / uncrouching /shooting animations for humans by 40% - Removed final frame of all uncrouch animations to correct (one of several) animation glitch - More window restyling in geoscape - Increased Reaper movement speed and animations to match (graphical change only) Additions - GJ has been doing buckets of work generally improving AI behaviour; everything should benefit, but Reapers are particularly improved - Captured alien Analysis images added to Xenopedia - New animated tiles for Aliens props: Fusin Reactor, Comm Array and Hyperdrive (these are cool!) - New UFO icons for geoscape reflecting their actual size - Added explanatory tooltip to the Ground Combat (should only show the first time you play) - Added some new custom soldier portraits - Reaction fire popup has been disabled (will probably return for shots that do not come from the FOW) - General Psionic power messages now last 2 sec instead of 3 sec - Dread messages now only last 1 sec instead of 3 sec - The Dropship Equip screen now shows you the role and weapon of a soldier if you mouseover their portrait, and will highlight the icon of the soldier in question on mouseover too. Balance - Geoscape funding increase, to re-emphasise national support -- Increased the player starting funds from $750000 to $1000000 -- Increased the funding provided by each nation by roughly 70%(!) -- Initially all countries will provide the same funding level (may be tweaked later) -- Tweaked relations values to compensate for geographic area (UFOs spend more time over larger countries) - Base building changes to make them much faster to come online, though a larger initial outlay -- Increased the cost of building a base to $500000 -- Halved Command Center upkeep from $250000 to $125000 -- Reduced Command Center build time from 20 to 10 -- Reduced Radar build time from 20 to 10 -- Reduced Hangar build time from 10 to 5 -- Reduced the building and maintenances costs of various base structures, very significantly reduced in the case of the Hangar - UFO balance changes to make both victories and failures more pronounced -- Approximately doubled the relations penalty caused by UFO activity over a country (including terror attacks) -- Increased UFO attack rate during their flight, to make sure attacks actually happen -- Very large increase in the relations benefit provided by shooting down a UFO, e.g. from 6 to 40 in some cases -- Reduced the health of UFOs to approximately 70% of their previous values -- Reduced auto-resolve strengths of UFOs accordingly - Returned alien weapons back to normal ammo values, as aliens now get unlimited ammo when using them (grenades remain limited) - Tweaked explosive behaviour of all grenades so they cannot pass through walls - Reduced the range of alien grenades by 4 tiles - Changed the damage type of alien grenades back to kinetic (they were too good at blasting through tiles) - Terror Missions now have a different layout of units spawns, and different alien behaviours to make them less "defend the chinook" - Disabled the "system damage" for interceptors in air combat - Reduced speed of "heavy" UFO projectiles to make dodging easier - Halved turn speed of UFOs to encourage more manoeuvring around them - Light Scouts have, after a bloody battle, been reduced down to slightly slower than Condors - Scouts have had their speed increased significantly, but health reduced; they will require Foxtrots to catch reliably - Balanced other UFO speeds so that there is a gradually increasing curve, rather than two tiers - Also changed some UFO speeds to avoid matching human aircraft speeds; now you can either catch them, or they obviously outrun you - Slightly increased damage of Avalanche Torpedoes, as they did not conform to the rule of slightly out-damaging light fighter weapons - Dread now reduces APs by 30% instead of 50% - Reduced alien strength to 60 (for throwing) removed alien grenade range penalty EDIT: BONUS BALANCE FEATURE - I didn't realise this change made it in, but it did at the last minute: we have implemented a global accuracy buff to both Xenonauts and Aliens of 50% This is controlled by a new set of variables in weapons_gc at the top, and is intended to let us quickly test the feel of major accuracy changes. You will shortly also be able to tweak cover values globally, but that is not working right now. Please post your comments on the build here. If you encounter any bugs please post them in the experimental build sub-forum of the bugs forum. I will post new threads in the beta forum shortly for in-depth discussion of the current Geoscape and Ground Combat balance, but feel free to post brief opinions here too.
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