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Found 8 results

  1. Sergey has come through with another good batch of fixes, and they are pretty crucial ones so I am doing a hotfix again. This will probably be the last one for experimental build 6. Saved games from previous experimental build 6 games should still work with this. Fixes: - FIXED HIDDEN MOVEMENT POPUP ALWAYS VISIBLE OH YEAH (sorry this took so long, my fault for not checking the release executable as well as debug) - Fixed hypervelocity weapons being blocked by overlay tiles and doors - Fixed door blocking reaction fire for aliens - Critical Xenopedia updates (not critical, fyi) - Escorted UFO crash fixed temporarily by disabling UFO escorts (the fix for this won't be ready for at least a week, so I figured it best to work around it for now) - Disabled the Hallucination Psionic power EDIT: The original change to disable escort UFOs was not working, so I've deployed a new one via Steam.
  2. This build really only has one major balance change, but it's a pretty big one so warrants a new thread: The accuracy of the vast majority of the ground combat weapons in the game has been boosted by a significant amount - this combined with the increased close range accuracy bonus in the last round of changes means that combat will be much deadlier. Here is an example of the increase for the standard ballistic rifle, before the change: Single shots AP="20" accuracy="30" AP="30" accuracy="60" AP="40" accuracy="80" BurstFire AP="40" accuracy="20" And then after: Single shots AP="20" accuracy="40" AP="30" accuracy="90" AP="40" accuracy="120" BurstFire AP="40" accuracy="30" Also, alien bases now have a new layout style which is much more interesting (and much easier for us to produce) than previously - please give them a try (only small bases appear right now due to a bug, but it should still give you an idea). Finally I spent quite a bit of time redoing the UFO doors so they now function correctly - they leave a frame when open and so can be manually opened and closed; they are now destructible, C4 is probably best for this; and they no longer auto-close. Additionally I cleaned up some incorrectly set UFO floor tiles, and after that I have been unable to reproduce the "low accuracy inside UFOs" bug, but if anyone sees it please let me know how you did it.
  3. My current game is ruined. A corvette with escorts appeared right over my base. I can't defeat it with standard missiles. So it lands and the game freezes. I can't even try to defend it with two soldiers. Any news on a hotfix for 19.6?
  4. I just released a quick hotfix for the last experimental build which fixes a critical game hang; Steam will update with it automatically IF you have opted in to experimental builds. As the fix is so simple this build does have saved game compatibility with the base experimental build 6. Changes - Fixed game hanging when a UFO attacks a Xenonaut base - Fixed medical kits not working in certain situations Also good news everyone, there is a better work around for the hidden movement screen "always on" bug: instead of running the main game executable, go to the Xenonauts folder and run the debug version of the game (Xenonauts_gc_editor.exe) and the hidden movement screen should now work properly! Remember when running the debug version that certain keyboard commands in ground combat will do unexpected things, so double check anything you think is a bug in the release executable before posting it please. I expect to have a proper hotfix for this out in the next day or so.
  5. 2 bugs found after 2 hours playing: * quick grenade slot: not showing grenades (2 on belt) but when you throw them they keep on spinning and don't explode. * Suppressed aliens still being able to shoot ,making them cheaters
  6. hi guys i have played until november with the current vs 19 .6 this is some my impressions (only personal) 1) accuracy increase seems to me more credible and give some salt to the missions, i like it now a player is more careful with covers and tactics, not a pure hack'n slash assault with granades and missile as primary weapons to mitigate the terrible accuracy of the troopers..good 2)the money..much better! a bit stripped but better than the past economic atrocities..now i can build and manage a less rusty war machine the only lack is with the maintenance..still a bit expensive..eat about an half of my earnings.. 3)political impact is still hard..at the end of the first 2 months some nations have cutted the founding in a too harsh way..and the superpower of the age pays like all other "minor power" such as Africa and Europe..a bit more would be more realistic.. still not to bad however... 4)the heavy fighter patrol/escort and the air fight in general is my real and main source of frustration and problems..i like the randomness of ships(seeing small and very small for all the times not joust in the first encounters)but the escorted ships is a enormous problem to me..the only medium ship i've seen were all escorted..and almost unstoppable for me..i've never seen even a small scout without an escort!! the game would be more funny and less frustrating if at least half of the ships were unescorted..( I'm a little tired of having my ass regularly bloody kicked by alien escorts :)and a little reward to shooting down fighters would be well accepted..if no money but(and better)political value.. 5)i can't nominate some bugs...(like attacks to xeno bases that freese all) at the end this version like me much..
  7. Firstly, if you do not know how to access the experimental branch on Steam, please read the instructions (and warnings!) in this thread. All saved games from earlier versions (including experimental versions) are incompatible, attempting to load them will cause problems. The main improvement in this build is an implementation of the new style of alien bases; these are now vastly easier to produce, and a lot more interesting inside - unfortunately due to a bug only the smallest base type is accessible in the game right now, but any feedback would still be appreciated. The other big change is a large accuracy boost to pretty much all of the ground combat weapons, so expect increased lethality in battle. Other changes include air superiority UFOs no longer being able to lock your fighters in a loop until they run out of fuel and UFO doors in ground combat missions having been re-worked so they are now breach-able. Our focus for the next build will be mainly fixing bugs, as we want to release a new stable version to Steam shortly - to help us make sure it is a bug free as possible, please remind us of any really annoying long standing bugs in this thread. Here is the changelog: Fixes - When viewing a UFO hull with an open door from any layer above it, you can no longer see the ground under the UFO through the door - Fixed destroyed sprites re-appearing in some cases after reloading a save - Fixed issue where a mission might unexpectedly abort when you clicked on "save" (!!!) - Fixed various crashes on the Geoscape when intercepting multiple enemy UFOs at once (including when autoresolving against them) - Fixed error preventing Xenonaut base building upgrades unlocking correctly - Air superiority UFOs will no longer "combat lock" Xenonaut craft by repeatedly re-engaging it in a loop, instead if a Xenonaut craft escapes them once they will be unable to re-engage it for a short time - Fixed Corvette supply runs having no aliens defined - Fixed air superiority UFOs getting stuck if they lost their target - Fixed Geoscape dialogue boxes sometimes not setting their dimensions to accomodate the information they displayed - Fixed aliens sometimes spawning in walls/props in alien bases - Flares now immediately update the players line of sight without requiring a unit to move or turn to update the LOS - Fixed sprites inside a UFO being displayed on top of the hull - Fixed hypervelocity weapons being unable to aim in diagonal directions (they are now re-enabled) - Hypervelocity weapons should no longer ignore cover, and their chances to hit are calculated in the same way as normal weapons Additions - Added special dialogue for when a Xenonaut aircraft is intercepted by an enemy UFO (you cannot disengage from the fight) - Alien bases have been completely reworked. There is now different layout for small, medium and large bases and they also have some special rooms indicating the type of aliens in the base. (Unfortunately a bug causes only small bases to spawn right now, but you can at least see the new style) - Related to above; Alien base maps are vastly easier to make, now you simply place a preset room in the map editor then place door props wherever you need them on it, and hook it up to corridors - New ground damage tiles! 9 variants of both damaged and destroyed overlays which are randomly selected - Flares now display an animated sprite on the ground where they land (current sprite is just a placeholder) and play a sound effect - The doors on UFOs have been completely reworked. They now support manual opening/closing, no longer auto-close and are also destructible - When you mouse over a soldiers icon on the ground combat "quick select" bar it will now highlight the soldier in green and also display their name, portrait and role. If you click the icon to select the soldier it will center the screen on them. - New map frame for the Geoscape (first part of the new UI style, so it might not fit in right now) - Various Xenopedia updates Balance - If a Xenonaut aircraft escapes from an alien air superiority flight, then the UFOs will be unable to re-attack them for a short time - Implemented a new baseline accuracy level for all ground combat weapons, both Xenonaut and alien. In general accuracy has improved to a significant degree, which leads to deadlier combat - Reduced the number of alien troops present in alien base attack missions, small ones have 12, medium 18 and large 24 (each base also has a handful of non-combatant aliens as fodder) - Scout UFOs now appear earlier in the invasion in order to provide some variety with light scouts - The value of heavy missiles in the air combat auto-resolve calculation when against evasive UFOs is now 50% their normal value (was 0%) - Stealth shotgun buff Please post your comments on the build here. If you encounter any bugs please post them in the experimental build sub-forum of the bugs forum. I will post new threads in the beta forum shortly for in-depth discussion of the current Geoscape and Ground Combat balance, but feel free to post brief opinions here too.
  8. So back when I was playing X-COM 1994, if I lost an Interceptor, it was bad times. I had to buy a new one, and new Avalanche missiles and such. But it wasn't a deal breaker if a UFO blew it away. I could buy a new one in two days, and the Avalanche missiles were quite good. But I kept playing. In this game, I load my save.
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