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Found 2 results

  1. This is the 4th time I've come across this minor glitch. Got 2 screenshots. It happens very rarely. I will try to select a Xenonaut and instead of selecting him, my previous Xenonaut will keep moving, sometimes directly into the same tile of the Xenonaut I could not select. Now the only way I can select the unselectable Xenonaut is to find him using the mouse scrolling/number tabs. I have before and after pictures. Before: http://windpower4homes.net/images/No-Select-Soldier-1.bmp After: http://windpower4homes.net/images/No-Select-Soldier-2.bmp I left the screenshots big as possible to show the 2 Xenonauts standing in the same tile. EDIT: In the before picture, I was trying to click on the Xenonaut with the circle around his feet, but instead it moved the guy next to him with the arrow above his head, and it moved him right into the same tile as the Xenonaut I was trying to click on.
  2. Found a few bugs with pathing through an open door, and No Clipping for a tree & boxes. I have not tested this on all tree's and boxes, but it appears that if the wooden box is touching another Cover Prop it becomes passible. If the same wooden box is adjacent to a Large Prop, Xenonauts cannot walk inside it. I have also found the No Door Entry glitch with another building, but I have yet to get a screenshot. I have included 5 screenshots to verify bug and map locations. 1.) http://windpower4homes.net/images/Door-No-Entry.bmp 2.) http://windpower4homes.net/images/Walk-Thru-Box.bmp 3.) http://windpower4homes.net/images/Walk-Thru-Box-2.bmp 4.) http://windpower4homes.net/images/Walk-Thru-Box-3.bmp 5.) http://windpower4homes.net/images/Walk-Thru-Tree.bmp Pay no attention to those 30 round mag's It still only give's me 20.
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