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Found 1 result

  1. Unfortunately, all you guys waiting for Build V8 will have to wait an extra day. There's not enough man hours in the weekend to get all the updated animations in the game and also redo the terrain maps to cate for multiple possible spawn points (plus come up with at least one alternate version of each sub-map to show how the level can be randomised). This means I'll upload V8 tomorrow. We've got all the basic rendering done but just need to add it into the game. Unfortunately, V8 will not contain a research tree. As is frequently the way, my internal testing revealed a couple of issues with the way the Research works (such as it doesn't automatically open the Xenopedia page when a research project is finished) and we need to fix them. Another problem is that the stores are not recognising manufactured armour correctly either, so as soon as is is researched it is available in unlimited quantities. We need to fix these up. There's also sprite problems, as the previous builds only featured the two starting armour types using the starting weapons. The new research tree contains laser weapons and the first manufactured armour, so the available weapon types goes up by 5 and there's an extra armour type. This actually means about 20-25 new spritesheets need to be added, and my PC isn't fast enough to render all the sprites out in time. Hopefully it'll be done by Friday and we can release V8.1 with the research tree on Friday. Even if a couple of weapon / sprite combinations are missing, it won't be the end of the world. So yeah, sorry about that. Can't be helped though unfortunately.
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