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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all! So, in a couple threads now I've seen that there's a desire to have small UFOs show up throughout the game, instead of them all disappearing and being totally replaced with the current generation of higher level UFOs. This is because: a) We need a way to train new recruits, and having weaker UFOs show up throughout the game gives us an opportunity to train new recruits without needing a base training system. b) Sometimes it's a nice break from the hard core missions to have a nice easy mission where you can dominate the enemy easily. It would show you how far you've come since the early days of the invasion, and boost your spirits a bit. Anyway, some people won't/don't like this idea because they don't want to have to do the super easy (and sometimes repetitive) ground missions for light scouts and scouts. This is why I came up with this idea: As a part of the air combat auto resolve, why don't we have a "Normal Attack" option for the regular auto resolve, and an "Aggressive Attack" option for when we want that UFO completely destroyed, with no ground mission? My idea wouldn't change the main auto resolve at all, it would simply add another option: Under the normal system: If Xenonauts > UFO(s), then UFO crashes, creating ground mission. If UFO > Xenonauts, then Xenonauts Lose. Using Aggressive Attack: If Xenonauts >>> UFO, then UFO is destroyed outright, creating no ground mission at all. If Xenonaut > UFO, then UFO crashes normally, creating ground mission. If UFO > Xenonaut, then Xenonauts Lose. Of course, this is somewhat simplified, seeing as it doesn't take into account individual aircraft taking damage, or part of a squadron being destroyed, but that's not exactly relevant to this post. My main idea is that if the UFO is insanely outmatched (like a trio of Corsairs armed with plasma missiles vs a single light scout) it can be destroyed using the Aggressive Attack button. (Obviously this would need to be balanced somewhat, the example above was just an example.) Destroyed UFOs would give half of the normal Alloys and no alenium, I'd say. This would cost the player a little amount of resources for the luxury of not having to do the ground mission. If the player wanted the money, all the alloys, and the alenium from the UFO, they'd have to do the crash site themselves. This would be to encourage doing ground battles and not simply spam the Aggressive Attack. Honestly, Aggressive Attack wouldn't even be all that useful for current UFOs, because they'd be pretty evenly matched and would therefore not be destroyed. It'd be a function for lower level UFOs. Perhaps it could also effect what damaged state the UFO crashes in, if not destroyed outright. Like, if Aggressive Attack had a higher chance for major damage than Normal Attack would. Also, maybe Aggressive Attack could have a greater chance of Xenonaut craft being damaged/destroyed if the sides are more evenly matched. Anyway, sorry for the lengthy post. Thoughts?
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