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Found 3 results

  1. Hello there all, just bought the game and after a few hours of an initial run, I'm digging it, I really am. That said, I also see you're taking suggestions, and while I realize the vast majority of the work is done on Xenonauts already there does seem to be some room for improvement, and I figured I'd toss some cents in the ring. So . . . 1) Why are Caesareans (? I realize that's not the right spelling . . . so let's call them Sect-, er, Greys) wearing loafers? It just seems . . . odd. I realize it might be too much work at this point, but can you recolor or re-texture just their feet? I started my first mission and didn't even realize the first alien was an alien at first, and after I thought about it for a bit I realized why: it's that they're wearing shoes. Also, red upper shirt patterned into total black? I know you're not worried about being shut-down by the X-Com guys, but maybe you should worry about Paramount and the standard Star Trek TNG uniform instead. 2) Something that shouldn't be expensive in the asset dept. but will add a bit to the flavor - hand signals. Basically: > Pick the highest ranking/highest experience soldier on a ground mission. Give them added sub-designation of "Captain". > "Captain" has no extra stats or anything since balance is hard and we don't want to break it at this point with a bunch of extra stats etc. > All the "Captain" designation does is that whenever player makes move actions with NON-Captain soldiers, the "Captain" makes hand signals in the general direction of the moving soldier. This is to simulate the silent "go there" tactical commands real soldiers use. > To save on animation budget, just use the throw animation/ half a throw animation. > If "Captain" dies, new "Captain" is autopicked from next highest rank/ experience level. Boom! Now you have a little flourish that makes the game look a bit nicer, fits with the military aesthetic, and is mostly programming, not art asset heavy. 3) A Records page would be nice. I'd really like to be able to see my total stats on missions, how many Xenonauts have been killed et cetera. 4) I get that this is primarily based on the original X-Com with some extra tweaks here and there. But I also get you guys are making this your own thing, and I really like some of the added touches, like all the news reports of what's going on around the world. That's neat. It also leads to a neat idea that fits the cold-war theme: G-Men. Basically, it seems odd to me that in setting this game in the 1960's/Cold War era, you have not seemingly added anything to do with spies. You know, that thing that happened like ALL THE TIME in the Cold War? But then I realized, "Well, it's still about aliens, after all." Which led to the "Cold War Spies" of classic alien Conspiracy: The G-Man. Essentially, I think it'd be a cool Geoscape feature if you could hire G-Men (or just . . . "Agents") in addition to Scientists and Engineers. So, they cost money to hire, you need housing for them, and they have upkeep, so they have some set costs (though they should be fairly low) . . . so what's their benefit? Basically, you can assign them to territories the way you assign engineers to projects or scientists to research, and what they can do is cover up alien activity that the player cannot reach on the geoscape in the early game, and can act as "scouts" for ground missions. Here's how: > Say you have six G-Men. You have your first base in North America, so you have a tough time protecting Russian, European and Asian interests and they get all sorts of abductions, events, et cetera. So, to keep from funding drain (again, at a cost, so this is really just a mitigation factor for long term strategy) you assign 3 G-Men to the USSR, 2 to Europe, and 1 to Indochina. > Like Scientists, each G-Man in a region produces a chance (on a fixed percentage per Agent relative to the "size" of the region their assigned to, with their effectiveness reduced in larger regions) to generate a result. The main result is that if they proc, when an incident occurs that you have no control over, the G-Men can intercept it before the government of the region does and can attempt to cover it up, preventing the player from losing the monthly funding that region provides for that incident. This is on an incident by incident basis, and there are plenty that they can miss, AND they can fail in the cover-up, so we're talking two dice rolls here. But the big benefit is pretty rad when they hit: saving yourself some funding money AND keeping relations with a region more stable. > Obviously, in the late game, this functionality would be useless, since you most likely are going to have a bunch of bases by then (at the very least, a couple radar bases to track UFOs), so their secondary ability becomes valuable then: scouting field missions. Essentially, if the coverage with these Agents in a region is set at least the "Average" rating, then when you arrive on at the drop zone, the map is pre-drawn for the player (there's still fog of war, but you get the terrain layout). If the coverage is at "Good" then the G-Men are able to remove civilians from the battlefield (by preventing them from getting into it ostensibly) from crash site missions and at "excellent", they remove civvies from Landing missions and you get an enemy headcount going into any mission. > Now, these guy's take 3-5 days to transfer regions when you assign them to a new locale, so they have gaps of non-usefulness and they can be killed if they fail a cover-up, so there are some risks with them too. If you wanted to get fancy, you could probably come up with interesting little mini-missions with such a concept, but that's probably going to far for what should hopefully be a mostly asset-less suggestion (they just need a Xenopedia page and a base UI tab as far as I can see). So basically, the agents act as a meta-game Geoscape strategy tool the player can use as an early game stop-gap if they're willing to spend extra cash in a different way than normal, thus diversifying our larger strategy options while both fitting the Cold War Era theme you got going on AND separating just a smidge more from the original X-Com so you get that extra little bit of "not a total clone you haters". With that, I'm done. Thanks for taking the time to read all my rambling.
  2. Can you make it possible to do the initial unpause of the intercept screen with a mouse click? Right now, this is the ONLY thing preventing me from playing the game full screen on a tablet with either a stylus or mouse. I am absolutely NOT asking for a dumbed down console/touch interface -- just this one small change. I appreciate that this is fundamentally a keyboard and mouse game (and thank you for that!). I am not asking you to fundamentally alter the design to make mouse-only play easy; I just want it to be possible. Other minor tweaks that would also be 'nice to have' (but that I could at least play without): 1) A mouse clickable main menu button from Geoscape 2) Mouse clickable controls in intercept for later pauses and left/right banks 3) Some other land battle scrolling option -- perhaps a left or right click and drag, or a (perhaps optional?) UI panel with left/right/up/down scroll and zoom arrows. This is the most complex, but would make this game completely usable for the (probably tiny) portion of users that want to play with a stylus. The keyboard is very close to being strictly optional already -- it would be really nice in a number of situations to be able to dispense with it completely. I most frequently play either sitting on the couch, or in transit of some kind with the tablet in one hand and mouse or stylus in the other. Right now, I have to pull out the keyboard just to hit 'space' every time the intercept screen comes up (and to exit the game -- but this is very minor annoyance). I fly a lot for work, and I really want this to be my "make the airplane ride go away" game. Coach seats are tiny, though. Please help! :-)
  3. Move the bleeding alert to the soldier portrait, a blood drop or bandage or something. Have 1 pop-up at the start of the bleeding event for each soldier that takes a bleeding wound, further bleeding doesn't create a pop-up. After autopsies, allow some indication of alien health status on mouseover. (Healthy, Good, Wounded, Badly Hurt, Near Death) After interrogation of a live alien, show full hit point feedback. (Or stagger it, each interrogation gives more accurate feedback in the tactical mode) Remove Hidden Movement screen entirely. Indicator for last seen alien position (A red circle or something, lasts one turn) if a spotted alien moves out of LOS. A red arrow or something to indicate the direction an alien sound came from, similiar for alien shots that come out the fog of war.
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