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  1. ...because I cant open threads into the Xenonauts 2 topic. Oh btw.. my english is not that good, so ask if something is not understandable. Introduction: Ive played Xenonauts for 75 Hours now, and cant manage to win a game. Thats very good. So the "Veteran" difficult mode is perfectly balanced. Means, its very hard, but with every new try, I think I can make it this time. But while im playing I beginn to miss more and more "features" in the game. So I will list this up and see if something find its way to Xenonauts 2. I know that this game follow along the basics of another game (XCOM) that I never played. But I am an old Jagged Alliance veteran and feel very comfortable near the Xenonauts gameplay. Equipment ----------------------------------- I was missing a lot of variety inside the Equipment menu. There are just US-Weapons, and not much (and we are international right?). So why dont bring a better selected weaponary in the game. For example, the most used weapons world wide in the 1970s: Aussault Rifle: M16 Good accuracy Medium range Can fire full, burst and semi automatic Medium Armor Penetration Medium weight High chance to jam. [*]AK-47 Medium accuracy Medium range Can fire full and semi automatic High Armor Penetration Medium weight Medium jam Chance [*]HK G3 Good accuracy Medium range Can fire full, burst and semi automatic High Armor Penetration Heavy weight Low jam chance [*]FN FAL Medium accuracy Medium range Can fire semi and burst automatic High armor penetration Heavy weight No jam chance. Machine Pistol: IMI UZI Low accuracy Short range Can fire full and burst automatic Medium Armor penetration Very low weight High jam chance [*]HK MP-5 Medium accuracy Short range Can fire full, burst and semi automatic Medium Armor penetration Low weight Low Jam chance [*]Sterling L2A3 Medium accuracy Medium range Can fire full, and burst automatic Good armor penetration Medium weight Medium Jam chance Sniper Rifles (in fact we have no ranges in military grade in this game, so we should go for police weapons) Walther WA 2000 High accuracy Good range Can fire semi automatic High armor penetration Heavy weight No Jam chance [*]Steyr Mannlicher SSG 69 Very high accuracy Very good range Can fire single bolt action (reload after each shot) High armor penetration Medium weight Very low jam chance [*]Springfield Armory M14 DMR High accuracy Medium range Can fire single and burst automatic High armor penetration High weight Very low jam chance And many more, if you want me to complete the list, I will do. But for now: This is just a "idea" of what I mean. More weapons with different Pro´s and Con´s. Additional to the variety of weapons, I would love to customize them. For example: Reflex/Red-Dot -sight Reflex-Scope gives + 10 to "reflex" Red-Dot-Sight +5 to Reflex and +5 to accuracy [*]Sniper/Hunting Scope Hunting Scope + 10 to "accuracy" Sniper Scope + 15 to "accuracy" [*]Under Barrel Grenade Launcher: Gives the ability to fire grenates over a long range Laser Pointer: +5 Accuracy and +10 to luck on reflex shots in enemy turns Flashlight: +10 to range and +5 accuracy in night missions. Would be nice. It grands lots more control to the player´s team and you have enough room for DLC´s and Add-Ons ;D Also I would love if the time between ballistic weapons and super-cyber-laser-punk weapons would increase. Currently, its my fourth playthrough and I need not more then 10 minutes to step into laser weapons and wolf armors. Thats to short. Ground Battle ----------------------------------- General Movement There are some points I was missing in Ground Combat. First of all, I can not lay down. In my eyes this is a core feature of tactic round-based combat. Also, I missed the option to move crouching. Grenades Small obstacles like fences and low walls should not hinder my grenade accuracy, that is a no-go. Also the chance to miss a grenade throw should be better calculated (its a elite force of the best soldiers worldwide, not the third degree girl-sport-lesson). Respect your Lore! ^^ in the Lore you told me, the Sybillians have bad eyes and a low sight. Stay away before you shoot, you say. But they shoot sharper then my snipers, on ANY distance. Also the Caesarian Aliens should be fragile .. but they can hold the same amount of damage like others. Androns should play stupid because the cant calculate wounds and the mention of "dying". But they act like all others: Come out, shoot, go out of sight begind obstacles. Poor Sight The line of sight should be more adjusted. Whenever I start a mission, I face the following situation: I got shot down from the "nothing" (fog of war). All aliens have more vision then my soldiers. Regardless if Ceasarians (with perfect eyes) or Sybillians (with bad sight) they all attack me before I come close to their range.. miles between me and them. This result in the fact, that most soldiers die, just because I need to lead them to where the shots come from. Cosmetic If my shot miss, let it look like I "missed" my shot in a realistic order. Currently my sniper shoots and the bullet hits the ground 1 meter after leaving the barrel. Or hit something 5 meters away from the target. I mean, ok, 95% chance to hit and miss is hard enough, but sometimes it looks like I have a idiot on the rifle that barely knows how not to harm himself with it. Civilians and local forces. I think it is a good idea to make the Chinook closable. So that I can search civilans, and lead them to my helicopter as a safe place. They should react to my presence. Always walking towards me to stay covered behind. But the just run into their doom. Also local forces should stay back, because: The boss is now here. In real life there is no difference. If the .. uhm.. where do you come from? Usa? yeah, if the SWAT or Homeland Security enter the stage, the local police have to leave the area of operation. This is basic. Hide and seek. While just my shield-guy is protected and not the guy behind him, aliens never stay covered. They just walk out of sight. I think at least the Sybillians and the Cesarians should use walls and fences to crouch behind. Missions ----------------------------------- Currently we have: Bringing Terror to alien bases Stop Terror attacks from Aliens Clear Crashsites (and landing places where you find crashed ufos ?) Air-Fights Defend your base against invasions Cool. But let me try to extend this list a bit. Free deported prisioners from a Alien Base Scout and infiltrate Alien Operations (whithout being spotted) maybe sabotage or steal something?! Evacuate a city before a "wave based" alien attack starts. Assasination mission. Where you have to kill just one special alien leader Escort missions (Aircraft), you need to protect ships or special places with patrol or follow - flights. Escort missions (Ground Forces), you need to escort very importand persons from one place to another. Blow-things-up missions. Where I have to destroy any important object(and to give the C4 in my backpack a role) Hijack alien crafts. Hey guys, lets stay in the next tractor ray, I need a new UFO. Overall Gameplay ----------------------------------- I love this game, really. It provides me a lot of fun so far. Really good job. But I would love if things can slow down a bit. I already sayed that the step from ballistic to laser is to close. But also I miss the "fear" and the "panic" that a alien invasion would spread. A bit more "we are soo doomed" feeling would be nice. Also I see that the Money part is really unrealistic. Ok I understand you tried to hold sums low. But a full Fighter Airplane for 100.000? A elite force to defend the world with a start of 2.000.000 ? That turns things wierd. Producing a laser pistol cost me 20.000 So a Laser-Gatling, Allenium sidewinder missile armed fighter jet is worth 5 pistols?! Selling Laser technology brings me just the build-price. If I would sell a laser rifle im sure the NSA or CIA would give me, whatever I want for it ;D Sattelites would be nice. Our Orbit is flooded by spy-sattelites. Not only one of them can grand me access to defend human kind? Are they all to busy with listening innocent peoples telephone calls? Base Building. Why im limited in space? There is no reason for limitating me. I should have the option to build bases on the ocean. A Aircraft carrier for example. At least, the UFO spam is setting me up a bit. 90% of the time there is nothing happens. But then, 87489237 UFO'S come together and I cant do nothing against it. I can shoot down .. maybe ten of them. Then I have 10 Crashsides. Sending out my two teams, make the mission, have 5 Guys that go to hospital for 14 Days and what? Lost 8 crashsides. This result in: My team just do base-capture and Anti-Terror missions. All Ufo-Crashsides will be bombarded unless there is a new UFO-Type inbetween. So, thanks for reading. I hope there was one or two points that gives you a idea or a suggestion. If I find more interesting things, I edit this post. Best regards, VoidByte
  2. Hi there, first off sorry if this has already been covered, I must have missed it. Basically what I ask is that it be possible to split up and add together air groups - by this I mean groups of interceptors. For example, when you don't know what a threat is, you may send two planes (one with faster missiles/gun, one with torpedoes) to try to take it down. When you fight it, it may turn out to be a scout for instance, and taken down by plane 1 with plane 2 not being involved. However plane 2 is still bound to the group and has to return to base before being able to go out again, even if it has fuel left and missiles still ready to be fired. If another threat appears, even though you have this functional aircraft already in the air, you can't split it off to do something. Similarly, you may send two seperate aircraft off on different jobs, then find there is a larger enemy and want to attack it with both aircraft. However this is just not possible to do. Logically, it makes sense. You have two planes, you should be able to give them different orders even if they launched at the same time. Or you have two planes, you know where they are, you can direct them to group together and form an air wing. But this is not possible in-game. I don't think the lack of this feature really adds anything to gameplay other than restricting your choices and forcing you to take unnecessary gambles that make no logical sense. So all of this is why I ask that, if possible, the makers of the community patch add this into the game at some point. Many thanks for reading
  3. i was playing the game doing a landing ship crash site when it hit me, The doesn't look like a huge servery damaged UFO just crashed here, more like It gently landed there if not always there. I'm not asking much just using the scorched earth tiles and fire around the craft, maybe on industry map destroyed upper stories of build just something to make crash site look and feel like crash sites.
  4. I know this bug is reported already, maybe this video save some time cause you guys dont need to play yourself to see this bug... First i want to say its only my opinion about the actual game state. I copied this Thread aswell to the suggestion area cause its a correlated mixed bug/opinion thread. Alien behaviour: Most aliens do rush your troups now, only a few stay in ship and take cover. Its funny and challenging, but i would like that there are behaviour classes for aliens. Example (Random behaviour with percentage): - 30-50% chance that aliens are offensive (rushing aliens, aggressive and flank tactics) - 10-30% chance that aliens are defensive (defensive aliens) - rest mixed (they just switch betweend defensive and offensive behaviour) Aliens should react on sight only: I also still hate that aliens do everytime know where you are, they always look towards the nearest soldier even if they didnt seen em. Aswell they just rush directly towards your troops while they didnt seen your troops before, thats pretty unrealistic. Especially Wraiths (teleport aliens) are totally overpowered now, they just teleport directly in or behind your troups and killing anyone, i dont think its fun at all that they can teleport right into your troups and kill them easily (even Wolf Armour doesnt help if one teleports right near you and shoots you). If you dont want to delete that teleport ability then i suggest that they get less hp and smaller weaponry "pistols" instead of blaster and rifles which kills your troups quite easily. Or maybe set their AP`s to 0 or to a smaller amount after teleport that they cant shoot at you or atleast not 2-3times like now. - Chrysallids have too much AP`s - Androns take cover while description says they dont, making them extremely powerfull cause they hit very often and hard - Too much camping aliens in commander room in alien bases "8 Androns easily crush your troups" Maybe be set a maximum? "4 aliens" + "commander" Geoscape: - I like they new feature "Airstrike" but it gives you not enough money, doing a crashsite "Large ship for example - normal difficulty" gives you around 190k cash or even more (had one time 240k) + relations + soldier improvement + alien technology + monthly cash income while airstrike gives you only 80k cash. Airstrike should aswell give you a little bit +relations and +monthly cash income and a bit more instant cash cause you prevented that this alien ship does attack the country/navy ships etc. etc. Local Forces: - Very weak - Very inaccurate - Dont react realistic, they mostly sit on same position (not even in cover) and if they move then they move to a stupid position. In my opinion they should move into corners or atleast into cover cause they are scared but not dumb, aswell a bit more accuracy so that the situation looks more fun and realistic. Civilians: - React very stupid too, mostly sit in open fields not taking cover at all - Should move towards xenonauts and running away from aliens in a intelligence way "a civilist would run into cover or towards/behind friendly forces and stay then. Ground Battle: - Many shots dont count even if they visually hit - Many shots hit visually but end in a "ground hit" animation - Suppressed aliens or crouching ones are extremely hard to hit even if they hit visual. You can shoot them while you are directly near them and still dont hit most time. - Faster animations "shooting -moving" would make the game look much more nice.
  5. I was re-familiarising myself with the alpha yesterday and I have a suggestion for enriching the feel of the game. Obviously, we didn't get invaded by aliens in 1979 (tin foil hat on just in case), but if we had, our culture and history would have been fundamentally impacted. As the game stands at the moment, there are 'spooky' events that happen as a result of the alien influence - for example I noticed one that said something like 'fishermen report miles of dead marine life', which is great, and really adds to the feel of a world reeling from alien contact. What I thought would be even better would be to expand that feature to include the world events that might have changed if humanity was in a losing battle with aliens. So I did some digging and came up with some examples. 1979 examples: Real history: USSR Invades Afghanistan Game event: USSR pulls out of Afghanistan, troops fortify Moscow Real history: Margaret Thatcher elected as first female Prime minister in UK Game event: Incumbent James Callaghan retains leadership of the UK. "In times like these, we just cant have a woman in charge" - Member of parliament (please note, sexism added for illustration only) Real history: Salt II arms limitation Talks signed by US and USSR Game event: US and USSR sign joint weapons development program to target alien threat Real history: Three Mile island Nuclear Accident after fire at reactor in Pennsylvania US Game event: Evidence of alien interference at three mile island disaster, claims GPU spokesman Real history: The Dictator Idi Amin is deposed in Uganda Game event: Idi Amin expands militia forces in the name of 'Protecting our people'. Real history: The Sahara Desert experiences snow for 30 minutes. Game event: The Sahara Desert experiences snow for 30 minutes. (seems weird enough!) Real history: Lord Mountbatten and three others assassinated by the I.R.A. on August 27th Game event: I.R.A leaders and British forces sign ceasefire Real history: Kramer vs Kramer top grossing film of the year Game event: Alien opens to packed cinemas, becomes top grossing film of all time Anyhow, you get the idea. I just thought it might be something simple enough that it could still be added, yet interesting enough to be of value. Historical examples taken from http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/1979.html and http://en.wikipedia.org
  6. Hi, I was wondering... Would it be possible for you (the dev's team) or us (alpha testers) to set a locale traduction of the different strings ? May be I'm bashing an opened door, but I believe that this game would be even greater if any player could use his mothertalk. I know it's quite a huge work, and I believe you don't have money to spend on it. Though, we fans might be able to do this job for you. I believe that every players here do understand English even if they (like me) do not feel well writing it. This is why we can all give a hand to set some versions, in our mothertalks.
  7. In a mirrored, or possibly upside down or inverted landmass/water version of earth The ceasian clones peacefully go about their daily lives. Screw plausability! Screw the original Xenonauts story! The Xenonauts are invading their peaceful little world. Allienance: Wrath of the Xenonauts With 3 000 shi.. wait what? Those aren't ships, what are they? They resemble flying movie sets representing their homeworld? What the bloody shiznook (alien curse pronounced cheesenox) are they doing in orbit? The humans are invading by landing movie sets that are a few hundered square meters, filled with civilians and poorly trained/equippmed military on our world. But each time we respond to a scene to clear the infestation out an elite force that goes by the name of "Xenonauts" shows up and starts stealing our technology, killing and abducting our men and scrapping our ships for materials. It is up to you (as the Allienance commander) to negotiate an alien alliance and gather the other races to repell this uncalled for and totally unfair invasion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I've been inspired by the poster Gus (thanks for the title) in the latest announcement thread to rack my brain for a way to play the alien side. This seems to be the simplest way to implement it, although it has a bit of a parody feel to it and requires some suspension of belief/plausability plus a total disregard for the original story. There are not really any major changes to the game play (except it's factions are flipped around) although it will rquire some tweaks and a different balancing then the normal one. No Idea how to end the mod though. What would be the final battle? Invading some biggass museum (because the humans are trying to invade by forcing their culture onto the Ceasan homeworld, what better ultimate battleplan then to launch museums? ) Or maybe we/I should wait for the real ending of Xenonauts at release before making up stuff for the parodylike mod? Hmm maybe it's possible to Playstyle essentially the same except you get points for killing the "local military force" and the civvies. negative points for lettting them flee (which they will do when the last xenonaut is killed or alternative objective (disableing their transport?) is completed As there are no crashsites Airbattles between aliens and Xenonauts would have to happen when the Xenonauts launch an aircraft to intercept your UFO as it's heading toward the landed movie set to deal with the infestation. What I/we would need the most for this mod is 1) Alien paper dolls (maybe we can just use the concept art) 2) The ability to tie in Xenonaut AI advancement into the ticker system, or possibly create our own events and tie them into the ticker system (is that possible to mo already already? or intended to be moddable perhaps) 3) Use the armour drop down list to chose races? possible that wouldn't be too hard... 4) New backgrounds for the base view screens. Could be provided by the community rather than development team artist. It is just a mod after all. (maybe we can just tint the humans grey and morph their forheads to look bigger and call them ceasans) 5) Ability to adjust the score gotten from killing stuff in ground battles (probably already possible) 6) I'm probably forgetting something big and important. 7) More to come.... Edit: 8) A way for players to trigger the mods nerfed versions of alien special abilities (like the "chryssalid" attack) I would expect this mod to come to contain artificial difficulty that changes how things are represented from the main game. Like the chrysalid for instance: as a playable unit you would have to change the conditions for transforming a human into a zombie. Either make it deal a set ammount of damage and need to bring the unit down to below 10 hp or make it do a "facehugger" where it dies after infecting a unit. And probably make the zombie an AI controlled ally instead of player controlled. I hav no idea how modable the alien abilities will be. I mainly want to discuss it (and come up with enough simple solutions or chortcuts) so that I might convince myself to take a gander at it (and most likely fail so horribly it becomes a parody of itself:p) I know that suggesting something and hoping someone else picks it up and makes it a reality is not the bst way to go about it and extremly unlikely. I would probably appriciate it if someone did, but I'm not going to sit around and hope for/expect it by trying to necro this thread after it eventually dies (assuming I did not infact try it out myself). PS: The vote is public, other people will be able to see what you voted for.
  8. First I will start off by saying so far the game is looking great! I think this game will still do well despite Firaxis's Xcom Enemy Unknown being released Oct 9th, due to the access to beta. Also, the preservation of the basics of combat and action points remains so the game play is familiar and already well loved. The "modernization" of the new Xcom by Firaxis is yet to be seen if it will be considered a true xcom game by fans. I'm holding my fingers crossed that you guys do well on this game and decide for the first major upgrade/expansion/sequel of the game will include multi-player in much the fashion of xcom tts. I know its been said that multiplayer is not in the scope of the current game and that the general feel is that it will add nothing to the game, but I feel that it is one of the things that will keep the game alive and kicking in the long run along with the obvious of good game play and modding capabilities. Obviously I don't speak for everyone but I do believe that many will agree with me. Multiplayer in this fashion even is not balanced for "fairness" is still a load of fun for the alien player even when its a generally speaking loosing battle. Now to get actually on topic. One of the things things that has bugged me about the game currently is the combat experience flavor text on the recruits. The game takes place in 1979 and soldiers with different nationalities can have combat experience in Afghanistan. The ONLY soldiers that should have Afghanistan combat experience are Soviet Soldiers from the Soviet invasion of Dec. 1979. In the current game world technically no one at the start would have combat experience in Afghanistan. As a flavor note with the Red Bear having to deal with all the UFOs the invasion may not even happen. I would start to compile a list of possible combat experiences with date ranges for soldiers of different nationalities in this thread if it is something of interest. **Edit: Sorry I just realized I posted this in the Goldhawk general forum instead of the Xenonauts.
  9. Hello guys! Just got this game and I almost wept on my first mission, I love the visuals, the gameplay, and I absolutely applaud you good sirs, I have not a single doubt that my premium pre-order was well invested. Noooow, that's not to say there isn't room for improvements, if only to my own personal preferences after a first impression... Let's get down to brass tacks! 1. Weapon modularity One of the things I adore with Jagged Alliance 2 gameplay was the modularity of most the weapons; get an AK47, stick a silencer on it, get a grenade launcher going and long range scope and you got a multi-role weapon capable of either engaging targets silently at long ranges, or blow them up. UFO: Aftershock and Afterlight did this too. What systems like these do is that they close the gap between tiers, and make the game progression less focused on tiers and getting to the next one, and more on what advantages each weapon provide. 2. Smoother field of vision While just a minor nitpick, I'd like an option to smooth out the field of vision to something akin to those used by other games, it's sort of more modern and you could do neat tricks where aliens could be visible just at the edge of your vision. It'd also make the game slightly less "blocky" ;P 3. More goddamn senses Now, there's perhaps nothing more enjoyable than a Chryssalid sneaking up on your soldiers and making mincemeat out of your poor chaps, I don't really see that happening with a Disc or a Reaper. Now, the UFO series pretty much had the best solution to this, adding detection based on sound, psionics, thermal and electronic imaging and even smell. 4. A solid engine with extensibility I think the engine is already pretty solid enough and I see there's some potential for modding already present, (although to what extent I currently have no clue, but I will certainly look into it) making this fully modable would immensely increase the replay value. I know that most dev tools often are spartan in comparison to a genuine SDK, such as UDK or the source SDK, but any tools and new toys you could make available to us would be incredibly appreciated! Just look at some of the more recent successes: The Bethesda/Obsidian studio games, Garry's Mod, Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress. Also, it'd pretty much snuff out every single thread for suggestions on this forum 5. Multiplayer This is pretty much optional, and I'm already asking too much, but multiplayer X-Com has already been proven to work and is the most hilarious thing ever. Hilarious you say? Ever seen the expression on someones face when they realize that they've just entered a house with a few pounds of high explosive set to explode on the next turn, madly rushing his remaining soldiers for cover? Priceless. Examples: JA2 1.13, UFO:TTS (Even includes strategic), UFO2K (Highly recommend you guys check this out) Lastly, I love this project and to be honest, and I'm pretty much content with how development is coming along. Keep up the good work!
  10. I was wondering, will there be cow mutilation, crop circles and/or discovering (drunk) rednecks that are beeing anally probed inside larger UFOs in the game? Maybe you could have research projects that take hardly any ingame time at all that explains why the aliens in Xenonautsare doing theese things in the UFOpedia. Could be used to add a bit of humor or atmosphere into the game if wanted. I do realize this is polishing and not anything to prioritize deciding on. Just wanted to throw the idea out there =) PS. is the title bad? should i change it? DS.
  11. I was pondering the benefits of players being able to manually place "tactical markers" on the map during a fight, which would serve some different functions. Players would click the "Tactical Marker" icon on the HUD, click on the map, and then select from some options. The target would be some kind of visual icon - "Arrange units by proximity" > This would re-order your units by their proximity to the target, allowing players who're mouse wheeling to cycle their units to easily select the person closest to the target, then second closest, etc (or furthest, depending on which way you would roll the wheel). I think we all know of situations where this would be useful, as you pick some units to move towards an imaginary target, and have others "hang out" in the back. By rearranging the order of the units, you can efficiently think in terms of your targets, instead of the arbitrary ordering. (NOTE: This rearranging would be temporary, and only last for as long as the tactical marker was active. There would still be a "master order".) - "Center on turn start" > This would force the camera to focus on the tactical marker at the beginning of every player turn, eliminating the scrolling or searching that can happen in big maps. - You would also be able to reference the tactical marker like the alien icon on the side of the screen, quickly jumping to it whenever you wanted. Theoretically there could be multiple numbered (or color coded) markers, allowing players to think in terms of key points and change them on the fly. This isn't a "game changer", but would shave off time and create a new tool for planning and thinking about tactics. The main point for me, is to be able to rearrange the order, I think that would be cool and useful for many people who would otherwise be stuck thinking in terms of pre-set unit order.
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