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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone! I haven't been around here for quite a while, but my name is Dan Long and I was an animator that worked on Xenonauts. If you see any soldiers or aliens running, jumping, shooting, or dying, chances are that I had my hand in it! I would really like to thank Chris for letting me post here and talking about my new venture. I am live streaming indie games 4 times a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 6PM PST. Besides having lots of fun playing and interacting with everyone during my broadcast, I also have Steam and Desura giveaways. Stop by, give me a follow and tell all your friends. http://www.twitch.tv/indieanimationstudios/new Thanks and I hope to see you there!
  2. Hi everyone, I just finished my first session playing Xenonauts pre-release and as always as of late I streamed it live on twitch! This was my first look at the game, having followed the development at a distance for quite some time. I recently started a Classic XCOM-series and the timing was just right as the Xenonaut pre-release hit just afterwards. I had a lot of fun playing the game and I will be continuing to stream content featuring Xenonauts in the future. I try to give a lot of commentary about game features in my stream, but it could also be interesting just to see how someone completely new to the game (but not to the XCOM-series) reacts when playing. Since I am playing a lot of UFO right now I make a lot of comparisons between the games, sorry about that - but it's all honest opinions with no ill intent. Please give me some feedback, and maybe you can answer some of the questions and thoughts I had during the stream! Channel - www.twitch.tv/jsbgame Episode 1 Episode 2 part 2
  3. Note: I'm assuming making a thread like this is allowed, but if it isn't, don't hesitate to tell me and delete this thread if you're a mod. For those who are interested (especially if you haven't preordered yet), I'll be streaming some Xenonauts on Twitch.tv for the next few hours. I'll play on normal difficulty, but with Ironman mode active. Don't hesitate to ask me any question about the game, or about anything, really. My channel: http://www.twitch.tv/spencer_ruler
  4. Like the title says are we allowed to stream our gameplay of this game. I wasn't sure because I didn't see a giant non disclosure agreement during purchase was all.
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