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Found 8 results

  1. I don't think any soldier in the history of the world has ever just walked around a corner to check what was happening on the other side, especially not in a fire fight, but that is what you do in almost every turn based strategy game. I mean, the soldiers can crouch behind things, but why can't they lean?
  2. I'm going to refer back to another X-Com-ish game in making this suggestion, since it helps make my point more clearly than otherwise. In Hammer and Sickle, (which is basically the same thing as Silent Storm,) I tended to play a fairly paranoid game with my sniper main characters. I could crawl on my belly, sneak around to position myself without being heard or seen, and then take two turns just aiming my sniper rifle at a target (usually another sniper hunting me) to get the accuracy I needed to land a killshot in one blow before moving on to avoid the roving "sweeper" fireteams that moved as a unit with assault rifles hunting after the sounds of the last player shots fired. I know that "being true to X-Com" is a vague goal of the game, but it really frustrates me that precision rifles have these 60 TU requirements, even if my sniper has only 58 TU per turn. Even when I have tons of TUs to spare, the notion that running in one turn, then firing (only) in the next has no accuracy penalty, but taking one step before firing in a turn doesn't is also a bit game-y, breaking turns up even more. Hence, I'd like to see something like Silent Storm/Hammer and Sickle's aiming mechanics, where you can spend TU on aiming, trying to mitigate accuracy penalties, and "bank" them for a turn or two so long as you don't fire or move, letting a sniper take one or two turns to get a clean shot off, even at a target almost entirely behind cover. In a similar vein, I think the game could be made a little more "natural" if it included a concept like a "firing stance" - that is, character usually drop their weapon from firing position to run, and put it back into firing position when firing. Moving between positions chews up a little TU, but in return, once in firing position, you fire with less TU, making it more possible to fire multiple shots in succession. It just seems a bit silly to have that pulling the weapon up, aiming, firing once, dropping your weapon back to your side, then pulling it back up again going on. If you're willing to go with the complication, there might be a button to stick to whatever stance you are in, and one to change it. Hence, crouching while facing a corner, you can go into firing position to wait for something to come around. If you tried to move while in firing position, you spend far more TU, while hip-firing from out of firing position means drastically reduced accuracy. So, alternately, you could hip-fire a shotgun if you are at point-blank range, and don't need the accuracy of firing from the shoulder. [EDIT:] I forgot to mention this originally, but: One of the things that having "bankable" TUs would mean is that, rather than having heavy weapons that are inaccurate if you move in the same turn, they just start inaccurate, and you simply pay more TUs to get into firing position or pay more TUs to further mitigate penalties. [/EDIT]
  3. If I'm not mistaken, this game is nearing its launch which makes my first suggestion more a question of "Why wasn't this?" Prone: I searched but didn't see any threads on this. IIRC, you could go prone in xcom - pretty much exactly how you WANT to be in a combat situation. I don't see the need to explain the purposes here since everyone is probably more than familiar with the tactical advantages of being prone. I also understand that it would require sprite-creating which is apparently a pain, as I gather from other posts. So, rather than a suggestion, I'm assuming this was a considered game mechanic, but not implemented. Just curious about the reasoning why. I always felt like being able to go prone was an intrinsic game mechanic for this sort of game. My suggestion (and possibly question) is about the starter gear. I like purchasing even the most mundane of equipment - after all, rocket launchers aren't free, not even for our government, so I don't see why it shouldn't come out of your pocket. I can see that this may just be an ease of testing feature right now. So, will you have infinite starting gear on launch? If so, I suggest not having infinite starting gear on launch.
  4. Hey guys. Thx for a great game, loved the beta. I think that most of my suggestions/bugs have already been posted. A few that I have not seen; 1) A third stance – lie down. Better accuracy, more cover options, and be able to have three units in a row. One lies, one crouched and one standing, with each shooting over the others. 2) Manufacturing of laser clips, advanced grenades, rocket grenades etc. I really don’t like that these items are free and in unlimited supply. It makes things too easy, and kind of breaks the economic system. Perhaps implement for insane difficulty? (3 Additional diplomacy. Be able to lend money, at high interest from countries that you have a good relationship with. Or perhaps barter, recruit expensive mercenaries for a limited period. Etc etc.) Have stopped playing at wolf armour, I want to enjoy the full game later on. When is the full game coming? Thx again for making a great game for a grumpy old school gamer (1977). Now I can stop complaining that the games were better 10-15 years ago 
  5. I'm assuming that the main reason that crouched/prone movement hasn't been added is due to the process of creating the sprites is a hassle, so I'm wondering if there's an alternate solution that wouldn't require additional sprites. For example, what about the option of moving crouched via a button/key press... but VISUALLY you walk the same. All that is difference is the number crunching under the hood... You can move less far, but you benefit by being a harder target and/or being more stealthy... (assuming that stealth is even factored in with the Xeno engine), or whatever you feel is relevant here. On the other end of the spectrum... maybe also allow a sprint, which gives you more distance, but has some negative effects (can't shoot that turn, get tired (which affects aim))... I'm not sure, and leave it up to you guys to decide on what is best... but I'd love to see some more depth/options to the movement (more strategies and decisions about HOW to do things). Again, I totally get the effort involved with the sprites, so that's why I'm trying to ignite some ideas on how things can be added without the necessity of new/additional graphics. Granted, the number crunching is still a bit of effort too! But, again, this is just a suggestion... either for final, or for a modded addition or whatever. Just trying to suggest things that may further improve the game while I can.
  6. Hi all, fist of all thanks for the great game. I just dld the game today so I might have overlooked some stuff. Anyway, I'd like to ask some questions regarding ground combat is it planned to also add prone stance? is it somehow possible to move crouched? is there any reason to save TU at the end of the round. e.g. is reaction shot only occurring then? I loved the way JA2 handled this, allowing interruptions and spending TUs then. Is there something like that I didn't encounter yet? how do I "secure" an UFO? I also have one savegame (18.3 HF2) where my soldiers behave strange. I'm directly next to the enemy with 2 soldiers at the beginning of my round. Shooting the alien leads to shooting on the ground below my unit or worse the head of the my other unit. Not sure what's the issue there. You might check out the savegame posted on http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?x3giy0k2ddqpgbc Thanks
  7. Not sure if you may be adding this already in the future, but roof access would be nice especially to put up snipers. Perhaps they may even be able to go prone but that may change the game all together. Anyway, just a thought. Thank you
  8. Is there any way to crouch/prone, and change movement speed? If not, I hope this can be added if the kickstarter goes really well (and it looks like it will) It really adds another layer of depth that I enjoyed in JA2/Silent Storm.
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