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Found 3 results

  1. At 1920*1200 everything in the game is tiny (cant imagine playing this on a 30" screen). The UI needs to scale to maintain readable proportions with higher resolutions and the game world itself could use a zoom feature so your soldiers and world elements arent so ridiculously small.
  2. A small recommendation: would it be possible to shrink the portraits of the Xenonauts down to their normal size in the mission report screen? As it is it seems the portrait size is too large and that leads to tearing of the picture.
  3. Hiya, I just had a quite look at the alpha and immediately I can see a problem that will make me not to want to continue with this game, (and yes I paid for the alpha). Otherwise the artwork sounds and interactions are spot on and I congratulate you. Firstly, My resolution is 2560x1600. All of the interface elements are too small at this resolution. I would rather have half the screen filled with an interface then not be able to see them entirely. If you are prepared to support 2556x1600 then you should tailor the interface to suite. Secondly, The font you have chosen while pleasing to the eye, is terrible for readability when used in a paragraph. IT IS ALL CAPITALS AND AS YOU CAN SEE IT IS MORE DIFFICULT TO READ WHEN YOU HAVE A PAGE OF CAPITAL LETTERS. Humans read words not as a bunch of characters but as a 'shape'. By using a 'small-caps' font (CAPITALS) you have removed an essential part of reading and scanning, that is, the shape a word makes when it is lowercase. Also, You have a lot of information bunched up together in capitals which makes picking out specific information EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. To make matters worse, your choice of white text on black, causes massive eyestrain, and it will eventually stop you from playing the game. Also, Changing the colour of fonts IN CAPITAL LETTERS to break up large amounts of text is not good enough. The problem is compounded by my first issue, the interface is small to begin with, even at lower resolutions. At higher resolutions the interface and text increases in scale proportionally, it should increase exponentially or closest match. Click on an image to view in 2560x1600
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