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Found 4 results

  1. The "roof button" is great, but a roof button hotkey would really help. This game has wonderful artwork for the roofs of buildings, the upper sections of lamposts, etc. etc. but I almost never see it because I am usually looking at the ground floor. The roof view, while cinematic and showing my soldiers who are flying, is generally not very practical for combat. So a quick way to toggle back and forth would allow some more mileage out of the great visuals.
  2. I was on a map (farmlands with a big barn) and there was an alien inside the barn shooting me but I couldn't see inside because I didn't have a solider inside. It's not a big deal, I still shot him but it is kind of annoying. Also, and this is very minor, but could you make the rank insignia's true to life?
  3. During my first landing ship ground combat, one of my soldiers went on the second floor. If I click somewere to move the soldier, the path is correctly displayed. When showing the ship roof, the remaining or missing time units are drawn on top of the ship hull. See the screenshots below: With roof off With roof on
  4. In the recent middle east map I played, there was a scout ufo (looking awesome, btw) placed right on top of a wall, the door seemingly intersecting it without fires or damage. This ufo, aside from being oddly placed, was also not showing its interior AND both myself and the aliens were easily able to shoot and walk through it. it didn't respond to the toggle roof or raise/lower camera buttons. EDIT: and it seems the games crashes when I try to safe this battle.....
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