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Found 2 results

  1. Here are some points that doesn t make sense at all in the UI and should be reworked. We dont see the status of our air force when on the world map. Cut a lateral of the map and let us see our air force, map doesn t need to be that big for what it is. Fighter status should be clear. RED: Grounded Yellow: Damaged but flyable, with at least one weapon system working /refuelling under 75%/ Green: Undamaged / rearmed / Fuel superior to 75%. NOT UI but: Rearming and refuelling should be done in parallel. A doesnt interfere on B and vice versa. Refuelling too long / Rearming too long. Rearming 2 missiles and gun shouldn t take more than 30mn, refuelling shouldn t take more than an hour, and i m being VERY generous. UI: Managing assets into the transport screen should be on the arming soldier screen bot on a place 3 clicks away.
  2. I recently had a case of my Chinook flying over to the USA from Europe in the hope of making it to a drop zone. Just before it reached the coast it of course notified me of its low fuel status and that it was returning to base. However, I had actually just completed a hangar in a base in Florida which was much closer to both the crash site and Chinook. Ideally I would have liked it if the Chinook could have made it to the mission (it would have had about 30% fuel left) and then continued on to the Florida base for a refuel. This was something you were able to do in the original UFO (if i remember correctly). You could even send up one of your interceptors to free area in the hangar bay for the Chinook to refuel. Unfortunately, once an aircraft notifies you of a low fuel status you are unable to redirect on otherwise control it. Would it be possible to allow for this? Of course this could lead to an instance of the redirected aircraft running out of fuel. This could result in automatic destruction (as is the UFO way) or perhaps a message notifying you that the aircraft had done an emergency landing at a national military base or airport and would be out of action for 1 week or something?
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