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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, is it possible to do investigate missions/recon missions when there ufo sightings on the map i tried to do that but always come up empty handed think i would be a great addon especialty for upgrading youre relations with the nations. regards, jupilerke
  2. Perfectly fitting existant lore suggestion, ability to tell your xenonauts to not use helmets in combat. It shoud looks like single checkbox near armor selection list named "without helmet" with effects: No helmet! (optional since require spritework) -75% armor (without helmet suit provide only 25% of its armor, negating most of it's usefullness) No sigh penalty This will allow player to give obsolete suits to recon xenonauts\snipers and other units that not planning to soak allien fire.
  3. It's mostly just an immersion thing, but it's kinda weird how you don't know where the crashed UFO is when you start a ground mission (unless it's on fire and throwing up a lot of smoke or something). Even after the briefing screen tells you something like "After preliminary recon, the alien craft appears to have suffered minor/severe/whatever damage". At the very least, you'd think the Xenonauts could spot it from the air flying in... I don't think it would be a big deal, because even if the UFO's location was revealed at the start, you'd still have to use caution moving towards it, since you still wouldn't know exactly where the aliens are on the map. If you don't want to have quite that level of info given to you, it could be toned down, too - for example, a pop-up message at the start that says "The UFO crashed somewhere to the NW" or whatever.
  4. This inspires me for an idea for Seek region order for aircraft. Obviously it would take a long time to cover the earth surface with a flight with 150km radar. If automated? That would add an interresting game component i guess. Player would have a feeling that he is doing one's utmost. Seek mission should become available after first alien bases discovered or smth.
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