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Found 3 results

  1. They're fun. My favorites are "I estimate that I am owed seven" (Nobel prizes) and "they are also susceptible to being dropped on the floor, as one of your engineers helpfully demonstrated"
  2. I nominate a333 and Ol' Stinky for the Meritorious Service Medal! For going above and beyond the requirements of a Xenonaut Forum member in support of their follow members and the advancement of Xenonauts in general. 1. a333 - Assisted a user in finding his bug starting the game by using his programmer skills in analyzing a dump file to determine why Xenonauts would not launch. 2. Ol' Stinky - For contributions to numerous to list in both game debugging, modding, and the general advancement of Xenonauts. Three huzzahs for both!
  3. I LOVE this game! I played the original X-Coms, the spin-offs, UFO:AI, and, this is a great, worthy successor to the series! The features, balance, and, gameplay are fine. The use of a traditional style coupled with modern advances has made for a classic adventure. We all understand that the game is in a heavy development mode - we all *appreciate* the efforts. Beta building is a fun, wild, chaotic time. The last thing we want is any crimp on creativity. Please keep the new versions coming! While early game play is one of my favorite parts of the game, the irony is killing me. I only have a limited amount of time to enjoy the game. It seems that each new version is not compatible with the save games from the prior - I am, it seems, constantly being sent back into a new game each time. Would it be difficult to convert old-to-new save games? While the story will be different with the final version of the game, for now, I can't really get past the early stages of the invasion because everything is rendered moot every few weeks. Well, back to ballistic rifles....
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