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Found 3 results

  1. I'll begin with quoting from Kickstarter project page: Chris, guys, just let that stuff go for the moment and concentrate on the game development. Since you began with windows only, finish that one first please. Here are my arguments for baking up my previous statement. I am successfully running Xenonauts on wine under Mac OS Lion since alfa-8.9, which i torrented (shame on me). And on the same setup via Desura preorder since 9.31. I have also successfully tested Desura+Xenonauts on both Debian and RHEL based linux distributions with Wine 1.4, on open-source drivers on ATI and nVidia GPU's. There is also CrossOver, which is easier to setup for ordinary user, again for both Mac and Linux, on which xenonauts work as well. Finally, most games ported on Mac nowadays are wrapped in one of several wrappers (Wineskin, CXE, Cider) instead of being rewritten. I don't know what you used to write the game (and i have enough stuff to do already, otherwise i'd even play with decompiler), but in case it's .NET, check the Mono-Project and see if you could run your code on the MonoFramework. P.S. If there are users here who would like to hear for specific instructions on how to set up wine on Mac in order to get Desura/Xenonauts working, and what to do next - ask here. I assume Linux dudes will know that already, but in case there's someone who does not, be my guest to ask as well
  2. Will the game be playable in OSX? Failing this, would it be possible to make some effort to see that it runs well in VMWare Fusion? I know Boot Camp is an option for Mac users, but you can't beat native OSX support! =)
  3. Hy there! The chance is pretty high, that this question was already asked, but is there gonna be MAC OS version? If yes is there a Beta version i can play on macos? Thank you.
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