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  1. Hi ppl.. I was working for some weeks for this game after i tried XMT mod.. I got planty of weapon arts now as weapons both for human and alien side and some planes.. maybe more in time.. I am not good at moding yet, just working on adding my own weapon with modmerging.. I like mostly big guns and snipers but if u got anything you need for your mod or just as single thing, u can ask me.. I just find pictures and try to make to fit the game so i am not doing from scratch.. I hope it helps to ppl who wants more toys to play.. and if any modder who wants someone to look up for arts, i am very happy to make a mod together.. it would be way faster then to learn it from beginning.. The main idea is to add special weapons which powerfull, expensive, hard to craft (needs items from ufo parts and alien drops like weapons or magasines) so when u have one you would feel the power.. Same thing to aliens too.. giving them more weapon tiers to beat us.. they will learn our weaponary and use them agaisnt us.. they can be from space, but humans are worst creature at killing.. I hope u like them!... A heavy minigun, both can be used for ballistic or mag tech.. bigger bullets bigger firepower low accuricy but good surpression.. An updated sniper for armor piersing.. just shoot some burst to get rid of armor and use this for finish.. Need more FIRE power.. try this new plasma flamethrower..
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