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Found 2 results

  1. I know the original X-com didn't have melee weapons, and with reaction fire it would be a difficult way to play the game. But I long to be able to give a character a samurai sword, a power axe or even a modded chainsaw when getting in close to the alien menace. Mostly in the interest of giving my characters a sense of individualism and grittiness. On the matter of individualism, I love the way the characters stats build as you play, as with the X-com game of yesteryear. But I have long since been in love with the perk system of fallout and it's subsequent games. Not saying that you should use that exactly, but named traits and unlocked skills that give minor bonuses to certain functions would be great (e.g. a Xenonaut who kills 20 aliens with grenades gains the Shrapnel happy trait, adding an extra square radius with thrown grenades), mayhaps a little superfluous, but would serve to add flavour to each character in your squads. Anyway, shaping up to be a game that will destroy all of my free time, so big love to ya!
  2. The premise: When you play a tactical combat game where you are running your squad made up of your individual squadies you are "role playing" your squadies and your "squad" as a whole. So what helps you get into that experience? the background on the squad members, the weapons you equipt them with, the gender, the picture etc. You strive to preserve squad members who have been on many missions, have many skills and who you have been through some tough times with. The idea then is that by adding just a few additional elements to what makes up a squad member and a "squad" we will make it that much funner to play the game. I would like to pay 5-10$ for a DLC that adds a number of special abilities/perks to my squadies I will throw out some initial ideas for how this system could work and what the pack could contain and you guys add some ideas: Perks add a modest stat gain to a squad member and are selected at the completion of 5,10, and 15 missions 1). Machine Gunner gain +3 aps when having a machine gun equipted, or ace sniper, assault shot gunner etc 2). Tough Guy +3 health 3). Crazy Brave +3 bravery 4). Strong arm +4 strength only when grenade equipted etc etc perks can have conditions, so be creative Squad level perks squad level perks are attached to a character who has a rank of Sgt or above, they apply to any squad member who goes on a mission with this squad member, they could be stackable or not. depends on balance 1). Steady Leader +1 accuracy to all squad members 2). Inspired Leader +1 Bravery to all squad members 3). Action Jackson +1 APs to all squad members Maybe the DLC pack can include a new weapon system, the more weapon options the more you get into your squad- grenade launcher, flame thrower(oh yea) I saw another post where I guy had the idea of saving loadout templates, lets add that wonderful idea too. So the whole point of all this is to allow me to customize my squadies further so that they have more personality so that the become more and more compelling over time as they develop. What do you think?
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