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Found 8 results

  1. Hiya The andron room in the small base has a bunch of square you cannot path through. The slim looking barriers are not so slim, I guess. I skillfully marked each of the squares to be clear. Cheers
  2. Just caught one of my soldiers doing that. This [edit]also happened sometime before in previous build, didn't end so well either - some poor dude walked through a wall right into an office building and crashed into a copier, remained stuck there until the rest of the battle. I suppose the salvage team had to cut him out of there afterwards. Seriously though, I think this is related to how some stupid aliens end up stuck in various farm equipment. save files: http://share.cx.com/KpYkzg
  3. After blowing up a wall with a demo charge, and waiting for the fire to go out, I could not get a path through the opening. I had shot it first with a shotgun and rifle, if that makes any difference.
  4. During my first landing ship ground combat, one of my soldiers went on the second floor. If I click somewere to move the soldier, the path is correctly displayed. When showing the ship roof, the remaining or missing time units are drawn on top of the ship hull. See the screenshots below: With roof off With roof on
  5. A few minor issues I found in v 18.3 hf2 1) Pathing issues, in every hangar (military base tileset?) 2) Invisible object partially blocking a firing path in corvettes. What is the 10%? 3) Door not opening I'm in the warehouse... Then I've gone outside, but the door is still closed. 4) Friendly troops and civilians still walk happily into the fire (this is an old one) 5) During the hidden movement, a friendly troop fires towards a sebillian. I was not able to see where it happened (it was outside my field of view, hidden). The shot however triggered another reaction shot from the sebillian. The reaction shot popup message is displayed on top of the hidden movement image. I believe this is a bug, but I'm not sure. I was not fast enought to capture a screenshot, but it happened.
  6. Go out a side door of the charlie, then forwards of the door a bit. Now decide to go to the other side of the charlie, and you can path straight through the crew cabin area.
  7. Currently, in ground combat, the first click places the the series of squares the unit will follow, and if you click a second time, the soldier moves along that path. But, if you place the path, and switch characters before executing the movement, then go back to the previous soldier, the tentative movement series will be erased. I suggest making it so the tentative movement lines stay in place, regardless of switching units, but become 50%, or more, transparent so they are constantly visible. This way, it would be possible to arrange an entire squad's movements simultaneously, see how they line up, then execute them sequentially, without any guess work, or gradual execution.
  8. What if, when you leave a path, but don't commit to walking it, and you move to another soldier, but then go back, the first soldier's path is still in place, ready to go? What if, those laid but uncommitted paths also turned grey when not on the particular soldier so you could see them all at once? This would allow all the paths to be plotted and compared, then committed.
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