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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! One of the things that I loved the most (and also hated) and lot's of times made me LMAO was when the soldiers went berserk or panicked in determined situations. I would like to know how it works on xenonauts, and if it can be improved?? To be more realistic I mean... Let's say a soldier enters solo in a room and face a big ass menacing alien, wouldn't be killer if he ran away in panic?? lol Let's say there's three soldiers, two of them die, and one of them goes berserk for his downed fellow mates... cool!! It would be really good if you guys improved these kind of situations! Looking foward to know more about it!!
  2. here's my idea, a little something just to make the higher difficulties even worse. Add a line of to code or two to the ai scripting that does the following: If (non-supressed, visible hostile forces within sight radius of this unit - non-supressed Friendly forces in same range) x panic modifier > Bravery, unit panics and either freezes up or tries to flee, regardless of what you or the AI tell them to do. each race would have a base modifier, that the game tracks. Armor would reduce the panic modifier, better the armor better the reduction. riding around in a tank reducing it to 0. bleeding wounds, low HP, or Critical HP could increase it. suppression level influences whether you run or freeze up. Run away? blow all your ap moving in the direction with the least hostiles, regardless of what the player/ai told you to do. Freeze up? reduced to half ap. normal reaction. Freeze up while suppressed? reduced to one quarter ap. suppressed reaction. Freeze up while suppressed repeatedly? reduced to one quarter ap. suppressed reaction. cumulative 5% chance of being removed from active duty after mission due to PTSD therapy. Because when outnumbered, cowards rarely keep calm and stick around, even those who consider them self brave start to get a bit shaky.
  3. So I just reacted to my first terror mission in the campaign, and it didn't go so well. I lost several squaddies trying to leave the chopper, as there's seven reptilian aliens hunkered down around it pouring fire on us. I managed to kill a few on the first turn, so there was still a strong chance I'd be able to make it through this. Second turn starts, every single one of my soldiers but one panics. He takes a shot at one of the aliens, misses, okay. Just had to hope for better luck next turn. Aliens kill another soldier. Third turn starts. Every single one of my troops is now panicked or fleeing. I lose another troop on the third alien turn. My fourth turn starts. Every one of my troops is still panicking or fleeing. Fifth turn, sixth turn, etc, etc .. (I'm posting this here on the general discussion forum and not on the bug forum because this is clearly just a balancing issue, and we're not in the balancing phase right now. Just thought it funny and wanted to share my experience )
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