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Found 5 results

  1. Will there be any further secondary objectives in the game beyond holding onto the UFO for X number of turns? This is partly off the back of the suggestion that the numerous Light Scout missions were dull*, so this sort of thing could add some variety into them. It's also from a page on Laser Squad (Gollop X-Com precursor) that listed the missions.** Although X-Com didn't have these, it's come up a fair bit previously. List of various missions here. *Although there's map variation, alien AI and general invasion balancing still to be finished. ** "The Assassins" - The mission's objective is to assassinate Sterner Regnix, the boss of a weapons manufacturer who is using illegal methods to get the best out of his workers. The player will lead a small squad of troops and infiltrate Regnix's hideout and eliminate him by any means, all the while dealing with Regnix's droid squad that patrol the hideout. "Moonbase Assault" - A small squad must penetrate the Omni Corporation moon base, via the airlocks, and destroy a great number of their databanks and analyzers that hold sensitive information. "Rescue from the Mines" - After a routine mission goes badly wrong, three members of the rebel squad are held prisoner in the Metallix Corp mines. A squad of troops must negotiate the mine complex, free all three prisoners and escape. "The Cyber Hordes" - A small squad must defend a rebel station from the attack of an advancing droid squad invasion. The rebel base holds seven stabilizer cores vital to the planet's stability and the droids have focused their efforts on these targets. "Paradise Valley" - Following on from "The Cyber Hordes", the destruction of the stabilizer cores has left the colony in ruins and assault ships hover above waiting for the time of attack. To prevent capture of the rebel blueprints for their advanced starfighter the data has been transferred onto a portable security device and a squad is given the task of escaping from the colony with the device. "The Stardrive" - A group of mercenaries have captured the stardrive controller for a new rebel fighter. A rebel squad must go to their hidden base and retrieve the device. "Laser Platoon" - A free for all deathmatch as equal teams are pitted against each other. Big (ten man) squads, with reinforcements arriving frequently, explore the symmetrical map hunting down or sniping the equally equipped opposition.
  2. So I know that this is probalby low on the priority list, but more mission types would be awesome. Ideas: Take and Hold: Xenonauts arrive to find that aliens have taken over an important building (power plant, pancake factory, etc). They have to clean out the location and hold it for five turns. No UFO in this mission, but the reward is better relations with the country in question. Rescue (VIP): A VIP of a country is in danger of being killed or abducted. Xenonauts are called in and rescue the VIP. Player has to secure the VIP and guard him for five turns before transport can arrive. No UFO in this mission, but the reward is better relations with the country in question. Rescue (pilot): A downed fighter jet recently shot down has been attacked by the aliens, intent on abducting the pilot. Player has to secure the pilot and get him back to the dropship before the aliens can abduct him. If the aliens secure the pilot for five turns, the player loses. UFO is present in this mission, and exits their craft to secure the pilot. Rescue (downed airliner): Aliens have shot down an airliner and are in the process of abducting the passangers and crew. The Xenonauts arrive to stop the abduction. Similar to a terror mission except there is a crashed airliner with civilians inside. Mission is to destroy all the invading aliens.
  3. Something I'd like to see in the game is mission assignments. In addition to the normal encounters in the game, you'd occasionally recieve an assignment from a country that's still providing funding. Investigate area X (a research station in Antartica suddenly went off the grid), Recue person Y (a politician, scientist, or something like that gets kidnapped or trapped in a building during an alien attack) Recover/destroy Object Z ( aliens are using humans to construct a device that will poison the water supply to New York City) Defend an area from alien attack (the primary pumping station of the trans Alaska pipeline is invaded by waves of aliens, your squad has to defend a generator, pump, and the civilians working at the facility). Bah, I didn't see the multipage thread on this. Apologies.
  4. Hi all, I was thinking about the indoor missions while watching Mars Attacks and thought why not have a "save the president" indoor mission? Protecting a high value target may encorage the player to take more risks to reach the target in time. Loss of the president could lead to much loss in income from said reigion. Other indoor missions could be Prevent reactor explosion, Capture alien VIP etc. No idea how difficult this would be to do, but i would like the variation to encorage new tactics and loadouts for the team.
  5. one of the things that bothered me with X-COM was the fact that there were no time constraints on most to all missions, meaning I had all the time in the world to set up a perimeter and proceed to slowly clear the map with Spotter/Sniper teams with little individual risk to my soldiers (up until Psychic enemies, anyhow) with the aliens passively waiting to be picked off one by one. I guess a case could be made for terror missions breaking this norm, but in reality this was moot as the majority of civilians were killed within the first few turns anyhow and weren't worth exposing team members to danger. Will there be new features that promotes urgency in Xenonauts, such as the Aliens actively trying to escape the map, blow up their core to prevent recovery or actively counterattack the team (or dropship)?
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