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Found 2 results

  1. I looked in the manual and searched on forums, but did not see anything about combat stress and panicking. True to xcom players remember all too well how the soldiers would panic and cower, fire randomly, or attack allies. I've not seen this in the game yet. In my first combat (v19 SC), I noticed the aliens would hold position until one of my guys got within sight. Then they would fire and retreat out of sight. While this made for an interestingly realistic tactic, it was also rather annoying. Maybe make the aliens stand their ground a little more. On the subject of alien retreat, if they are landed and start losing soldiers, they could retreat to the ship and exit the mission if not stopped fast enough - the player might could try to damage the ship engines to prevent take-off? Obviously only valid for UFO landed missions. Also for alien retreats, if they want to attack and make contact, it would seem to make more sense that they would retreat to familiar areas - such as their ship - or retreat to their allies. Lacking minimap in combat zones unless I'm somehow overlooking it. It's nice to have a small map to refer to. Show your soldiers' fields of fire - they would normally be watching the 10 to 2 sector relative to themselves. This would allow the player to easily set up intersecting fields of fire and 360 degree security.
  2. Hi people, this is my first post, I tried the alpha, liked it , and I have a few suggestions: -Research: when you finish a research and get the info page, it takes you to the geoscape. It would be nice if it took you to the research screen so you can choose the next research project. -Minimap: It would be good. Bonus points for a full screen map option, cold war style (if anyone played wargame: european scalation he´ll know what I mean, with the blurry satellite image) -Variety in starting "human" weapons and aircraft: Having NATO style and USSR stlye to choose would be nice. -More research options at game start, including some things you can investigate and produce before lasers and such, as the beginning seems a little empty now (didnt´get very far in the research tree). Medikits, tactical explosives, improved human weapons, armor and vehicles, even combat tactics after facing the first aliens. -Larger fonts please!!! Some text is almost unreadable. -Armor stats, unless I´m missing something there´s none. -Soldier nationality and automatic nicknames for agents when they get past rookie (yep, that´s from Firaxis´ x-com, but still) -More slots for later aircraft, like shields or advanced targeting devices (unless it´s already in, I just saw 2 fighters) In any case the game it´s looking great, the Firaxis game was enjoyable but... it´s not a really xcom game, and I don´t have much hope in UFO 2: ET, so you are our last hope!!
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