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Found 5 results

  1. I do meet the systems requirements for this Xenonauts. However, when I started the game, the main menu flashed with a black screen lasting several seconds. I cannot play the game like this. My system is Windows 7, and I have 2 GB RAM. I also restarted Steam, and it did not solve the problem. I also waited a couple minutes, it didn't work. I ran Xenonauts in a window, and not in a window. Nothing is working! My version is v20 Hotfix. I also uploaded a video on youtube to elaborate. Here's the link: If the video is not working, just use your imagination.
  2. I loaded the autosave from before a mission and my chinook was just hovering over the crashsite, until it disappeared. I see this has already been reported. So anyway, I decided to load my manually saved game from a few game hours earlier. The game CTD. The saved game then worked fine from the main menu load screen.
  3. If I select quit game from the Esc geoscape menu, I CTD. I know I am trying to get to the desktop at this point, but I do not expect to the the "Xenonauts has stopped working" dialogue box when I do.
  4. Global view- Saving itself works, but I have to type out a name and save, selecting a previous save for overwriting purposes seems to be glitchy. Ground combat- Can't open the menu, can't save. Iron man was disabled, of course. Build is 8.9
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