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Found 6 results

  1. I like this vehicle because he is cheap, take only 2 space and he got a nice machine gun and a nice LOS even at night. What I don't like is the fact he only has 50 bullets. Your heavy troops can carry 200 bullets right at the start of the game. I wonder why the hunter only have so few bullet ?
  2. I've been playing a fair bit of Ground Combat, and one of my favourite uses for the machine gun is to set them up outside UFOs, wait a turn, open the door, and then burst fire whatever is on the other side. However, I don't see that as the only use for an MG. It costs a lot of AP to fire one, (45?) and that means if I move, I can't fire. I feel like the MG needs single shot options, low accuracy options, obviously, but it needs them. It's not like people don't use MGs in that capacity in real life. Second, why not an option to deploy it? It doesn't require any special animations, just get behind some cover, face the right direction and spend some TU to deploy, then next turn you get a boost to accuracy when burst firing. Maybe that'd be better instead of other firing options. Make it so that soldier can no longer move until I undeploy him. Just a though, because right now my MG is very limited when moving across terrain as he can't fire without setting up, then waiting a turn for his TU to refill.
  3. Desert Map Aliens - Caesians 2 aliens come out of UFO on their turn. Reaction fire from machine gun takes out the first one. Second alien runs out. Reaction fire starts and then CTD (it was li'l John thothkins making the kills ) On reload, fired the machine gun at a few gas cannisters - more CTD's resulted.
  4. Landed UFO Desert map Aliens Unknown Second Xenonaut turn. Two alien icons appear (possibly inside UFO, although there's no direct sight) Machine gun fires directly at UFO door. CTD
  5. Once my machine gun toting xenonaut got to the intersection of two low field walls he got stuck. he would not turn or move. Once I told him to kneel, he got free again and carried on like normal. Normal being floating through the wall. I guess there is no animation for a machine gunner vaulting a wall? Strange that it does not just use the assault rifle animation like the pistols do.
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