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Found 3 results

  1. I've seen a lot of enemies (mostly sebillians and sometimes caesans) that, on one turn, seem to have basic clothing/armor and on the next turn have armor indicating a much higher rank. Now, on the final mission, I'm seeing enemies appear out of nowhere very near to my soldiers with lots of time for attacks (throw a grenade, take 2-3 shots, etc), indicating they haven't moved very far, but there was no way for them to get that close without being in my sight for a long range. These enemies have also never triggered reaction fire. This makes the final mission basically unplayable, as sebillians can close to short range without any risk of attack and then spend a whole turn blasting my characters apart.
  2. I managed to get a landed Cruiser this evening. Everything goes well, but I can;t find the last alien. Has anyone else had this? On entering the cruiser, there was one that had lost it'self in the furniture. But it was still spotted and killed. I've been round the map and the ship and no alien icon appears., there's no reaction fire or direct fire from anywhere. The game crashed on using the buzzard over a nissan hut, so that was that. Shame. No losses at all for a pleasant change. I didn't put this up as a bug, as I don;t really have a lot of information and it may fall under something that's already there.
  3. In the recent middle east map I played, there was a scout ufo (looking awesome, btw) placed right on top of a wall, the door seemingly intersecting it without fires or damage. This ufo, aside from being oddly placed, was also not showing its interior AND both myself and the aliens were easily able to shoot and walk through it. it didn't respond to the toggle roof or raise/lower camera buttons. EDIT: and it seems the games crashes when I try to safe this battle.....
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