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Found 3 results

  1. First UFO spotted. 2 Condors sent to intercept. UFO lands. I send the Chinook. Then I completely forget my own advice and don;t send it to a waypoint. UFO takes off just as the Chinook approaches. Quite a few survivors from what I could see before the reload Second time out.. Use the waypoint for the Chinook. UFO takes off and lands again. Chinook intercepts without a problem. Pretty daunting for a new player though, I'd imagine?
  2. I would quite like to see a crew total on the intercept screen. This would let me know if I have forgotten to replace injured and killed personnel just before I sent a team out again. I reckon it could go in the armament column, as a fraction like 8/12. At a glance you would see "oh there should be more guys in there" rather than arriving at that terror site with three dudes due to terminal forgetfulness. I guess that could get harder later if the dropship gets armed, and it does not easily cover vehicles. Any other ideas?
  3. If you send two interceptors, from two different bases, after the same UFO, then once the first one to reach it shoots it down, the other one triggers a "UFO x has escaped to space" message. In case you are wondering, I sent two interceptors as the ufo was equidistant from my two bases, so I did not know which way it would head.
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