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Found 2 results

  1. Is Xenonauts going to eventually be released with no DRM whatsoever? I'm interested in supporting this game, but can't do so in good conscience as long as it's tied to a DRM system like Steam or Desura (and, yes, those are DRM systems). I would just like to have a game I can install on a computer with no internet connection and play without having to log into any sort of account or have to worry about "product activation" whenever I buy a new computer or computer part. Is this going to be possible when the game is released? (PS: It's hard to search the forums for "drm" when that word is rejected by the forums as being too short to search for :-P )
  2. Just a short rant...! Desura is doing my head in..!!! With each release of xenonauts, it stays on validating files for hours when I hit the update button. So I had to resort to deleting the game files, and install... Now since v8.2 .... downloading of files gets to around 92%... and then just sits there...! Hence, I have not played Xenonauts since v8.1.....! Tried installing 8.41 this morning, and bam, there it is, 92% downloading, and just hanging there for the last hour!!!!!!! There. Rant. Over!
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