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Found 3 results

  1. As I play, I'm sometimes thinking 'It would be great to be able to call in an airstrike or artillery' during tough situations. Not sure exactly how you'd put that in, but it would be a nice option when things are a bit tricky. Maybe it would be an actual unit that you could fly over (as a secondary vehical) to the site, which would then be (supposedly) flying over the battle area (but not seen or dealt with in the actual ground combat), but could be called upon to attack an area of the ground battle map. Kind of like the dropship... you fly it to the site, but once you arrive, it's not something you control (and, unlike the drop ship, it wouldn't even appear on the map). Or, make it even more simple, and just have the ability to call in a strike 'from somewhere', without actually having to deal with the actual source. Either way, I figure I'm going to get the 'it'll throw off the balance' response. But, again, I just figured I'd throw the idea in, in case it sparks some ideas.
  2. Hi Guys First time poster As the title suggests I have a few thoughts Id put out there and see what you think. If anything I have suggested has been posted I apologize. I'm not sure if any of have played Ufo: Alien Invasion, Its a Open source game with alot of ideas I like and was wondering if it was plausible to add and if not why don't you think it would work. 1. Jets Customizable. Basically you can add electronics to your craft IE: Weapon tracking systems that give 25% hit chance or ECM Jammer so you could dodge incoming threats or even Advanced Composite Components that might give extra Armor that would make your craft last longer but the downside make there Top speed or cruise speed slower. 2. Weapons. I thought this was quite a cool idea. Grenade launchers for example have more modes of fire such and Air-burst basically there's an alien behind cover you can shoot it releasing a hail of metal on him. Another mode of fire was timed in which the gun was fired and the Projectile didnt explode until it stopped and Ufo:AI some maps are uneven and follow the path of least resistance.. I even had a "oh shit.. well.. Should have known that would happen" moment where I shot it inside a House only to kill my squad and a few Civies 3. Pilots. I know this is in the FAQ on why you guys don't think it would work I'm just putting it out there. Pilots that would gain experience therefore becoming better at dog fighting with the enemy. Which brings another idea if your pilot has been shot down and if he survives (Ejection seat -could be another customization where if your craft is shot down has something like 15% chance to live) there could be a Search and Rescue mission to bring him home before the Aliens find him. Like something where you have full vision of where he is and you can control him. The pilot only equipped with a Handgun or nothing where you have to bring him back to your craft for extraction or just kill everything. 4. Weapon Proficiency . In Ufo:AI the more you use a weapon class the more proficient you get with it. Just say you use Assault rifles exclusively for 1 of your soldiers he will go in time from Poor to good to great or even Not Competent to Competent. Gaining modifiers such as slight aiming bonuses to better reaction times. Thats all I can think of to add atm if I come across anymore things in which may improve this game Ill just add it to this as of now Id like to know what you think of these ideas
  3. I have been looking at your game and I'm very pleased and I only have a few suggestions: 1. I know this will never get added, but I'd like a undo button for one reason: sometimes you accidently move a unit, I did it twice today myself. 2. How about adding radar stations so you don't have to buy a whole base to get a radar? Or, better yet, why doesn't the countries tell you or share their radar stations with you? (Okay, last part wouldn't make a good game, but still?) 3. I would like it if you buy more building space for your bases. 4. It would be cool if you could put in other HWPs in the game. I would really like a small arterilly or flak/mortar unit and a heli. 5. I think a flak/mortar weapon would be useful. 6. I would also like if you made a logical place to recieve your weapons from. I get you might could find a pistol on the black market, maybe even an sidewinder missile, but a jet or tank, not likly. (If I'm not mistaken, you bought them on the blackmarket in the first game.) 7. This might be hard to program, but could you allow us to send more then one dropship to an area. This might lessen the strategy, but they do do it in real life. It's very logical to do on a base assualt. 8. Once again, a helicopter. I would like if they added more of them. I also have a question: when you shoot down a squad of ufos, does the crash site have all three of them or does it make three seperate crash sites?
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