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Found 15 results

  1. Just a quick update to say I've released a hotfix for the experimental build on Steam which fixes the following: - Fixed explosives/smoke crash - Fixed medical kit healing value bug It also adds the first pass at the revamped alien turn/hidden movement screen. This is very fresh code, so please report any bugs you see in the experimental builds bug thread. Your copy of Xenonauts should update automatically if you have opted in to the experimental branch. Be warned there is no guarantee of saved game compatibility between experimental versions. If you do not know how to access the experimental branch, please read this thread.
  2. Hotfix 3 includes all the changes from the prior hotfixes. To apply it, simply download the file from the link below and unzip it to your /xenonauts/ folder. Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26290309/V18.51_hotfix3.rar In addition to the changes from Hotfix 1 (not many) and Hotfix 2 (a lot), the following updates have been made: AI should no longer be able to accurately "guess" where your troops are from beyond their sight range AI should no longer get extra free TUs The "take and hold" victory has been re-introduced, where you can win a crash site by clearing the UFO and keeping a unit inside it for 5 turns Stun grenades should no longer cause AI hangs Reloading a pistol in the off-hand no longer causes crashes MiG has 4 missile slots again. This will be reduced to 2 in V19 but the game is not balanced for it at the moment (causes some weird behaviour in the air combat too) Combat shield has been disabled, as it has historically been causing crashes in some circumstances. It will be back in all future versions but I'm not going to risk putting it in the Steam "stable release". Please report any crashes experienced in this build in this thread, and also post here if the AI is still obviously misbehaving. If there are no major crashes and the AI is working better than before, this will become V18.52 and the Steam Early Access release build. I'll get it ported to Mac / Linux and the Desura branches / standalones updated accordingly too.
  3. This fix is an update for V18.51 and includes Hotfix 1 too. To use it, simply download the file and unzip the archive into your /xenonauts/ folder. Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26290309/V18.51_hotfix2.rar CHANGELOG: Xenopedia now has an entry for every research project, some 31,000 words of it. It needs more editing though. Mission debrief "UFO Secured" scores reduced substantially to prevent the player getting so much of a funding increase after every mission. Aaron's first balance patch has been introduced, mostly affecting the ground combat: Alien races have been homogenised, so there currently is no stats differentiation between different races. The UFO crew size now increases linearly with size, starting with 4 crew in a Light Scout and going up to 16 in a Battleship. Weapon tiers are now identical to the tier before, but do additional damage. Zoom levels have fixed accuracy levels between weapons - level one zoom will always be (say) 50 accuracy, level 2 will be 75 accuracy etc. Weapons simply have different zoom levels and different TU costs for each level. We will add more variation back into the game once we have a solid game progression in place that we can use as a framework. There were too many variables at play previously. [*]Added difficulty settings back in. Aliens have 20% more health than normal on Veteran and 50% more on Insane. Easy mode they have 80% health and do 75% normal damage. BUGFIXES: Game no longer crashes on losing a combat mission. Civilians that bleed to death no longer automatically counted as killed by Xenonauts. Hidden Movement screen sound reduction now only applies on hidden movement (so when the image is being shown) Rocket launcher default ammo now updates as new rockets are unlocked. Game Over screen no longer appears behind terrain. Various level editor viewing fixes. Flashbangs no longer suppress through walls. A combat crash with invalid weapons has been fixed. Not sure what this one is tbh. You now get victory points for capturing a UFO even if you save / load. C4 now works properly with save / load. Let me know if it makes the game better to play, or if it has crashes in it. If it is clean, I will add it to the V18.51 release in time for the Steam release and call it V18.52, and that'll be the stable build we'll port to other platforms and keep for some time. I'd be particularly interested to see if the aliens still have vastly longer sight ranges than your men in this build. We couldn't actually replicate the issue in the dev build. Let me know if it's still affecting things! EDIT - it seems there's still some AI-related shenanigans, with it not playing by the same rules as you have to regarding TUs and LOS. It's still worth applying this hotfix because of the stability benefits, but the community have done some detective work on the causes of this and hopefully we'll have a hotfix 3 out soon.
  4. This is just a hotfix for the issue where the AI can see through walls if they are placed on non-visible tiles, including their UFO walls. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26290309/V18.51_Hotfix1.rar Just update the .exe file. It shouldn't invalidate save files or anything like that, but if it causes any weird behaviour please report it in this thread instead of in the main bug forums. I don't want to confuse everything.
  5. This is another attempt to fix up the AI in the game. It is not a full fix, but I think we've fixed the worst of the all-seeing aliens bug. I've given it a brief check, but it's the weekend and I can't be bothered to run a full test (I'm working on the Xenopedia still). So if anyone fancies giving it a test, that'd be good. I'm hoping to release V18.51 tomorrow if all goes well. Link is here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26290309/AIHotfix2.rar
  6. Seems the AI is a bit broken in V18.5 (there's a bug in the game where the aliens can't see your units, so they won't shoot at you). This will be addressed in V18.51 shortly along with a number of other issues, but in the meantime you can download an updated .exe below and have aliens shooting at you again. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26290309/AI_Hotfix.zip Two things to note: 1) Please don't report bugs from this build. It's not an official release, it's just to tide everyone over until V18.51 in a couple of days. 2) The Version number says V17.9 on it. Ignore it. 3) The AI is still bugged. The aliens currently see your troops wherever they may be, but are unaware about intervening objects. So they'll stand where they are and "mine" their way through props and walls to reach their targets. We're working on fixing this up and we'll release V18.51 when it is working correctly. But at least they're aware the Xenonauts exist now.
  7. A very quick update, this one. Two changes: 1) I forgot to remove the developer code that forced the final mission, so it appeared immediately in HF1. It does not do so in HF2. 2) I set the wrong ammo items to be unlimited in HF1, so it meant that plasma / laser etc cells were not appearing at all. This is now fixed. HF2 contains all the fixes from HF1 in it. Just copy it into the directory and replace all the files: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26290309/v183hotfix2.rar EDIT - actually, just added another small fix (why not?) - Wolf Armour and Laser Weapons are now split out in the research tree, both only requiring one precursor technology rather than being linked together.
  8. I'm currently off visiting my family on a ten day mini-holiday. The internet isn't great here so I'm not going to be releasing any major new builds until I'm back home (which will be a week today), but I'll continue to package up the latest fixes so we can give them a trial run before updating Desura. It's helpful if you guys keep reporting bugs in this build, as work shouldn't grind to a halt on Xenonauts despite me being away. On the programming side of things, being able to assign the coding team bugs is a nice easy way to keep everyone busy and keep improving the game without requiring too much input from me. So, hotfix #2 for Build V18 is here. This requires V18 to work and includes Hotfix #1 too. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26290309/V18hotfix2.zip To use it, just unzip the file into the /xenonauts/ directory and overwrite the files. CHANGELOG: All fixes from V18 Hotfix 1 Hopefully the aliens shooting through solid walls issue should be fixed Hopefully the invisible civilian issue should be fixed UFO walls and floors should no longer disappear on loading a save game Landing ships should no longer sometimes be empty when shot down The two auto-generated crash sites in the first week should no longer be empty There should be less freezes in the Hidden Movement screen The Chinook range has been extended a bit, so hopefully it now should have global range You can no longer "scan" a UFO with the crosshair to reveal aliens inside it from outside Incendiary damage (most explosives except grenades deal incendiary damage) now do double damage against terrain, but normal damage against units...so rockets are better at clearing terrain now! Let me know how it works and report any major bugs you find in it please!
  9. Right, there's been a bit more work done since we started releasing V18.3 so you can find the changes in the archive at the links below. To apply it, just extract the files into your Xenonauts directory and overwrite the existing files: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26290309/v183hotfix2.rar (link updated to Hotfix 2, which includes Hotfix 1) CHANGELOG: There's now a flat accuracy bonus for short-range shooting. If the target is within 5 tiles, the shooter gets a flat 8% boost to hit per tile, maxing out at 40%. The % chance of the power cores exploding on a crashed ufo is now 20% instead of 50%. Significant boost to strength of defensive turrets. Each now does slightly more damage than a Torpedo of the equivalent tech level. New Xenopedia images for the Reaper autopsy, Praetor autopsy and the Alien Sniper Plasma. Ammo for infantry Laser, Plasma and MAG weapons is now available in unlimited quantities on research. The Electroshock grenade is also available in unlimited quantities on research. Aircraft, vehicles, armour and weapons now have a sell value of 50% of their build cost. Manufacturing has been rebalanced to reduce mid-to-late game build times and somewhat reduce build costs. However, alien alloy / alenium costs have now been added to all appropriate projects (previously plasma weapons etc didn't have any cost). Research has been rebalanced to have longer research times for most things after Laser Weapons. Marauder and Saracen aircraft art swap has now occurred (Saracen is still disabled by default). Sight Ranges have been updated for both humans and aliens to stop reaction fire being such a massive issue: Human Vehicles: 17 tiles Basic: 16 tiles Jackal: 14 tiles Wolf: 15 tiles Buzzard: 16 tiles Predator: 15 tiles Sentinel: 17 tiles Most aliens: 17 tiles Sebillians: 15 tiles Harridans: 18 tiles [*]These changes are subtle but should even things up a bit. Harridans should still be able to inflict reaction fire hell on you, whereas unarmoured troops now have longer sight ranges than Sebillians to fit with the lore of them being a bit dim. The Soviet Town terror map been updated slightly. The flat now has a roof and the factory door now opens correctly. The Carrier and Battleship maps have been updated now so you can't see around the walls. The thin purple lines in the shroud that that give away the floorplans in some cases have also largely been corrected, but that's only in the dev build (too many tiles to include in a hotfix). At present I'm working on fixing up the sprite issues reported in the last build, which will be included in the Desura auto-updater version (most have been updated).
  10. This is just a small hotfix that fixes a number of bugs in the game courtesy of our ground combat coder and some work from Giovanni. To use it, just replace your existing Xenonauts.exe with the one in the archive file and then replace the existing vehicles.xml in /assets/ with the one in the folder too. If you downloaded the game via the Desura client you do not need this! Archive here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/26290309/V18hotfix.rar The fixed bugs are: Aliens should no longer spawn inside solid objects. Scimitar is now correctly a 3x3 vehicle instead of 4x4. CTD when you walk through smoke is removed. Grenade throw mode no longer disappears when you mouseover an alien. Grenades should no longer occasionally just disappear when you try to throw them. The auto-generated crashsites now no longer make the radar ranges on the Geoscape disappear. UFOs are a bit less aggressive now. Only the air superiority missions will actively try to shoot down your aircraft. When you click "Go To Aircraft / Vehicle" after you've built a new one, it now takes you to the specific unit just built rather than just to the general screen. Ctrl key is no longer incorrectly "sticky" on screens with quantity arrows, so they'll only max the quantity if you actually have Ctrl held when you press the button rather than having pressed it at any point before the click. We'll be working on other bugs for the remainder of the week, like the shooting through walls or spawning inside UFO walls (separate issue to them spawning in props), but that'll require updates to numerous files so that won't arrive publicly until we release V18.1. Enjoy.
  11. Giovanni has discovered the problem with the UFOs appearing without a crew, and there's an easy fix for it. Download the two XML files linked below and put them in /xenonauts/assets/ufocontents/ folder and it should work fine: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/26290309/airplane.alien.lightscout.sebillian.xml https://dl.dropbox.com/u/26290309/airplane.alien.lightscout.caesan.xml (right click and Save File As) The problem was that the "missing crew" UFOs weren't on Research missions, they were on Scout missions. Light Scouts previously only ever did Research missions until I moved them forwards, so there was no contents column present for the Scout mission crew and thus they appeared empty...so not a coding bug at all! Enjoy.
  12. If you're having a problem with the launcher crashing on load in V17.9, the file below should hopefully fix the issue until the next build. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/26290309/Xenonauts%20launcher.zip This needs to be put in the Xenonauts directory, so /Desura/common/Xenonauts I think.
  13. This has been uploaded to Desura and released. I'm pretty sure a lot of the errors in V17.6 are caused by the archiving system we're using to reduce the file count in the auto-updater version. This explains why the standalone build is much more stable, and why Matthew didn't notice any of the obvious bugs when testing (as he tested the standalone version, which doesn't have the archiving). This is a small update (approx 1.5mb) but I think it should fix the issues in the auto-updater version when it is approved - a couple of test missions suggests that it does. If you already have the standalone, you won't need this hotfix.
  14. We will be releasing a proper update this week, but in the meantime you might find this hotfix for V17.52 works: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/26290309/AM_AirSuperiority.xml Download that XML file and put it in the /xenonauts/assets/ directory. See if it helps.
  15. OK, this is a quick hotfix before I dash off that I'm uploading right now. There's an issue on some of the Chinook maps where you can't disembark the vehicles from the front entrance as there are invisible spacer tiles in the way. I've cleared them out and included the new maps in the hotfix. Also I've updated the version number on the launcher as it still said V14.11 before. I won't have time to put this on the standalone, I'm afraid - it won't upload before I have to catch my flight. I'll stick it in my dropbox anyway so perhaps there'll be a way I can upload it to Desura in an internet cafe or something in a few days.
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