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Found 2 results

  1. Running v20 stable hotfix 1 So I just ran into caesan guards on the FIRST light scout mission. Three of them jumped me as soon as I got off the chinook and wasted half my squad with plasma rifles. I still finished the mission and it said a plasma rifle was sent to my research division but it isn't showing up on my research screen... Also, they didn't seem to use the burst function on their rifles at all... even within spitting distance. So... uhh... WTF? Are these bugs or intended features?
  2. Well, in a normal level mission against a light scout, I came back with three critically wounded, and one soldier very lucky to be alive. Very lucky indeed as he practically tripped on one of them at the end of a turn. Caesians use the defensive cover well. All of the live ones were out of the ship They attacked in numbers They were in sneakier positions (farm map) They supported each others fire I'm glad 3 of the 7 died in the crash. I'm glad that sniper rifles have been buffed a little in damage. That probably saved a life or two. I was a little more aggressive than usual, but not terribly, so a pleasant (and yet unpleasant at the same time ) surprise. I may have to invest in some armour in this build.
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