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Found 6 results

  1. First of all, is this mission even complete-able? Second of all, any suggestions? I have two soldiers in Preator armor, 8 in the flying version, and the hover tank equipped with the plasma gun. All troops equipped with plasma weaponry, riot shields, fusion grenades, and elctro-shock grenades.
  2. I was wondering if it would be too late at this point to include a final air combat mission? Basically, this would involve piloting your dropship so that it makes contact with the dreadnought. If you do this, then the final ground mission starts. If not, then the game is lost.
  3. Just an idea to make the ending not so predictable and... standard. After the player wins the last mission, the game spawns a new mission. "Commander Ne'Cklu, you are tasked with returning to the home system to report on the humans' vastly increased capabilities. Make haste!" The player then plays as Commander Ne'Cklu and has a bunch of alien units... and must get to the exit zone, past the humans who survived the last mission... and are being played by the computer. The weapons have infinite reloads and there is no inventory access.
  4. I think it would be cool if the last mission was a 1-3 mission affair. And you brought in allllllllllll available troops you could on interstellar transports or have to set up an lz. Being presented with choices would be cool A). Attack while we have the element of some surprise B). Wait for rienforcements, but the aliens will be prepared. A). Destroy alien supercumputerthingamobbob. B). Study it in hopes of uplifting your species (possible sequel stuff ;-) ) A). Have cpl hick shave his legs and pretend to be a women. B). Don't just don't. A). Add to discussion on this page B). Don't and begon forever
  5. Hi there, i remember in xcom1 there was a big Base. What is it in xenonauts? What about a big UFO or a big Starship? Any plans about that last fight? thanks
  6. While it hasn't exactly been confirmed, yet, there have been some educated guesses on how the game will end. Possible SPOILERS ahead! OMGZ! Well I was mostly just waxing philosophical, these kind of things don't have to be and even work better if they are subtle. (something that Ayn Rand *shudder* and bioshock are not) And you are probably correct that the deeper elements of my musings are in fact ourt of the scope of this project. but let me try and explain a little better. scenario 1: Traditional ending open play until the "final fight" you go squash the foe at his home. This is satisfying at plays on the themes of the underdog made good, vengeance for wrongs, human superiority. Nothing wrong with this and the traditional approach, but it does stray firmly into a black and white arena in regards to the conflict. Scenario 2: A more Civilization-esque multiple "victory condition" type end game. You could implement multiple game ends up to and including an Alien victory. But the key elements hear would be things like maintaining relationships with world governments and working towards specific goals occasionally at the expense of others. tactical choice would be key here, Combat ability vs. Diplomacy, striking at aliens vs. aggressive defensive operations, etc... this would be probably largely out of the scope of this project but could be a very interesting game and the themes invoked would be more dependant on the players path than anythign else. Scenario 3: A "best we can do scenario" with essentially a counting clock (being a known or unknown) time period and the goal being saving as much as you can before"time is up". This would be a scenario where-in the aliens being vastly more advanced/powerful/numerous the best hope is to limit damage rather than even be able to truly "strike at them". This would be able to be managed with the same game mechanics in place but the tone is drastically shifted away "kill the aliens" to "Stay alive". It's the difference between the Action genre and the horror genre. With this endgame Terror sites become things to truly fear because they are actively harming your diplomacy which would be your first priority in trying to keep humanity together and alive. This is what i was talking about the above being only 3 of many possibilities but your could see how themes and in fact game play and strategies would be effect by which particular endgame is in place. The themes evoked by a game only serve to create an immersion and make things interesting. But really anything done well is worth checking out. I'm writing in bullet time.
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