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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, Being an avid fan of the Xcom series I have been watching the progression of this title for a while and finaly bit the proverbial bullet this evening and purchased it. Firstly let me say that I think the game is a superb, updated recreation of the original that I wasted many hours of my youth playing when I should have been revising for GCSE's! Only one complaint. This is my first experience of Desura and its not a happy one. Its confusing, too complicated, and when I finaly worked out how to download the game after spending my hard earned cash it managed a measly 500kbs on my 60MB cable connection. Chris, im sure there hosting of the game is relatively cheap, however to coin a phrase, "You's gets what you's pays for". Rant over. Thanks for creating an authentic replica and bringing back so many memories of a misspent youth! Cudos!
  2. Out of curiosity, did anyone notice a slightly fps increase in the latest build (v14.1) versus the previous ones (v14 and v13, mainly)? We did some work on the UI managment code (the best we could do, without having access to the engine's source code), that should have reduced UI refreshing times and lead to a fps increase. Just wanted some feedback on this. Thanks! Edit - just to give the right credits: the original idea behind this improvement was by Gijs-Jan, so thank him (or blame him ) for this!
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